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Ransome like jokes


and now you can’t unsee it anymore…

now on the other hand, I also can see a part of Simba’s head or one of the aristocats in here
so I am probably just imagining things!


Actually, I’m pretty sure you’re correct there.

Meanwhile, the brown stripey thing next to Yin / Yang’s butt looks like… well… :poop:



I see a cigar … or one of these

poor kitty! :sweat_smile:


Oh nooooooooooo! :scream_cat:






Pareidolia at its highest peaks!


I’ve written a lot of jokes in my time. I went to uni to study comedy writing and stand up! fact.


You might need to actually stand up, because it seems that the jokes are going over your head :stuck_out_tongue:


Aristocrats, You say?
I believe this Ransome will become like…


Want me to tell an aristocrats joke? :grin:


Sure! And in the style of :ransome:, of course!


Isn´t that the natura* of aristcrats jokes, that they are very :ransome: like? :grin:

*hmmm, no I´m not gonna correct that one.


I can’t say I’ve heard enough of them to know if they are or not.
Anyway, go ahead! :grin:


Ok, this is not very aristocratic, nor a proper joke. It’s something real that happened yesterday night while I was driving in a street near home.

Two very young teen girls are walking down the street. One is a cute blonde girl, with shorts and nice legs. A teen guy on a little scooter, just fourteen or so, passes her by checking her out well.

Girl: (with an angry feeling) “Why the fu*k are you lookin’?”

Guy: (with malice) “Go kill yourself!”

Girl: (as an angry slur)"… You faggot!"

On the other side of the road, a group of mothers with children were chatting.

A scene so nice!


I´ve actually been thinking just yesterday of opening a random anecdotes thread. I´ve got sooooo many stories to tell.




Oh, Jean-Luc, how could I say no to you! :slight_smile:


Today I’ll be doing my MRI scan and a Ransome-like pick-up line came to my mind.

Are you an MRI machine? Because you’re very attractive and I want to be inside you as soon as possible.


Inside an MRI? I mean, knowing the results, sure, but being in the MRI? :stuck_out_tongue:

But perhaps the weird connotations would be something for Ransome…