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Ransome like jokes


Does anybody know a good joke that could be from Ransome? (Black humor appreciated)


Hey you, beeping naked dude! Your sausage looks like it went through a full fermentation process!

Hey you, the guy with the beeping wrinkly forehead! Your cat called and wants his skin back!


Hey you, lady with the sunburn! I see somebody’s already done the roasting for me. Though I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen any sausages in your life!


:ransome: Hey you, what’s your *beep*ing name?
@Someone ?
I bet that’s short for what your momma said at birth: “someone throw this ugly *beep*ing baby in the trash, NOW!?”

:ransome: Hey you pretty girl, what’s your name?
@tasse-tee ?
I’d let you tastee my *beep*… if I ever wanted to die from a *beeping* STD!

Hey little fishy, what’s your *beeping* name?
Go *beeping* drown yourself!
I know Carney Joe does it to your brothers and sisters every month. Flush! Swoosh!


Masking that as Ransome insult. Smooth! :+1:


You’d WHAT?! If you whaaaaaat?! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I wouldn’t. It’s Ransome talking, remember?
He also insulted me, didn’t he?

Ok, Doug, time to hand me that shovel of yours again…


You’d best get diggin’! :smile:


Well, I’m certainly diggin’ you!


Hey you, the ugly brown fish! Your beeping claw hand will strangle you if you keep on beeping yourself with it!


He doesn’t do jokes just points at people and goes, your fat, your ugly you’re a ****. Not exactly jokes.


:ransome: *beeeep* youuu!!!



:ransome: Yeah? What do you know about being funny?

(actual Ransome quote, bonus points if you can tell when and to whom it is said)


That’s too easy for me! I’ll pass. :slight_smile:


Ransome is so cute…

… when he’s sleeping!!!


I might be going crazy, but it looks like it says “Hi” in his fur! :astonished:


Oh, look what thread we’re in…

:ransome: Hey mini-me! Why don’t you try actually talking to the girl cats instead of saying hello with your ass?!


I think you are.

I think it does.



I see a complete Ransome in that fur pattern!


Or even this guy (Domino from GF)


Whoa, now I see it too!!!