Raspberry pi4/Retropie and Thimbleweed Park

Hi all,

I’m still … trying for years :slight_smile: … to run Thimbleweed Park on my Rasperry Pi4 (RetroPie Buster/32bits) build.

I tried the Thimbleweed Windows version with a Box86/Wine combination (with a a updated MESA 21.x.x version) which results in a blackscreen but a running game (I hear the background music).

The native Linux version is 64 bits (sadly).

So my questions would be, did anyone succeed (accept a certain Joost?) to run Thimbleweed Park on RetroPie Buster/32bits system and is anyone willing to try and help to get this beast running or our beloved Pies?

My second question to @RonGilbert , would be it possible open up the sources of TWP in order to make a RetroPie port possible?

Regards from the Netherlands.

more info: Box86 and Wine on RPi4 - RetroPie Forum

You could use the 64 bit version of the Raspberry Pi OS. Or do you need RetroPie?

Has to be RetroPie … 32 bits.

Then your attempt is not possible: You simply can’t run 64 bit software on a 32 bit system.

The only thing that came into my mind: You could try to start an emulated 64 bit system with Qemu. But I guess that would be incredibly slow, even on a Raspberry Pi 4.

btw: Retropie uses the official Raspberry Pi OS under the hood. So you could try to install the 64 bit version of RPOS and then on top of it Retropie (and/or the software that comes with Retropie).

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There are possibilities … box86/wine, q-emu … a 32 bit port etc … I am far. As I wrote in my OP, i’ve a version running with a blackscreen … sound only on top of Box86 / Wine …

You mean a thimbleberry pie?


In the meantime I managed to get Thimbleweed Park working on a 64Bits Arm7 Soc with Box64. The only thing needed in order to get a working 32bits (arm) RetroPie version seems to be ( @RonGilbert ) a 32bits Thimbleweed Park binary.