Reporting translation errors


is there a place to report translation errors to? Some of them are minor, but one of them really made me not understand what I was supposed to do…

So everything is translated into German, except the word “Spotter” which is not in the Duden as well. I tried to make any sense out of it, but I actually had to ask for help just to realize that it was a “Beobachter” or “Zuschauer” I had to get to the scene…

Or is this supposed to be part of the puzzle? :smiley:

Or maybe “Aufpasser” (“Zuschauer” doesn’t really fit).

But: if you don’t know what a word means you can look it up (Google shows an explanation before the actual search results).

I think it’s OK to call it a puzzle in the puzzle, you were puzzled after all :slight_smile:


Even in italian version, the word “spotter” was left untranslated, and I googled for a meaning but found multiple results.
Since I am not very much into car races… I tried to figure out someTHING instead of someONE :frowning:
Anyway, talking with Fabio Bortolotti, the italian translator, he said that the word “spotter” has been translated (assistant) in the current version of Thimbleweed Park.


Yeah, I remember that chat, eheheheh
A praise should be done to the Italian translator, Fabio Bortolotti aka Kenobit.
After I finished the game, I was able to find only one translation error, and it was promptly corrected in the succeeding release.
Beside this, logic and grammar of the command sentence has never worked better before in LucasArts games, genres and numbers and articles were perfectly matched.
The overall quality is high.
This is one of the reasons why in Italy the game has got generally slightly higher reviews than worldwide, and some reviewers explicitely mentioned it (together with the fact that there are many strong fans of the genre here).

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Google actually shows a nice result (but the yellow box is from me :slight_smile:):

Assistant is really a good alternative!

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Oh yeah?
Google Italy shows different results:

Now do you realize why I was confused? :worried:

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Seems like Google wants to tell you you need to spot-weld some trampoline springs back into place?


Ahahaha I think so!
The bottom-right words say: “report (flag) images”.
Do you think I should flag them? :slight_smile:

Yep, all of them! They don’t know shit about Ransome!

If you’re looking for a good English-German dictionary, I would recommend
According to LEO, the term Spotter is common in German, too - at least among mountaineers.
See here:

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Maybe Boris used Leo too. But it seems like this word is not so common among gamers.
Boris should just change it to ‘Zügeldelphin’ and call it a day :slight_smile:

Ah, :heart:
Saving my life since 2011

And before that you used this?

(I really owned such dictionary as a kid)

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