Ron Gilbert is having fun building a top-down RPG engine

I played “Detective Grimoire”, it was a nice game but it “didn’t click” for me and I pretty much forgot how it works. I remember the panel to make deductions, but I didn’t realize that it has no inventory.

I wouldn’t consider “Contradiction” and “Her Story”, PnC adventure games, though.

So…did it point?


Oh, you are developing a dating app?

Isn’t Silent such an adventure? (Haven’t played it yet.)


Obviously, when it doesn´t have a learning curve…

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Profit via micro-transactions and online multiplayer.

Fixed it your typo.

I’m not sure which adventure game you’re referring to, I don’t know any game titled “Silent”, but I do know “Silent Age”, that I have not played.

@Someone was meaning Silence, the sequel to The Whispered World. I have read that it has no inventory - in contrast to its predecessor.

Oh, OK, I have not played that either. I may be wrong but I have perceived that the game is more similar to a Telltale interactive movie than a classic PnC puzzle-rich game.

I read that it would not be too similar to Telltale games. There would still be lots of puzzles and mini-games, which would be more convincing than those from Telltale. Though, the puzzles are not very difficult and there seem to be only few hotspots or dialogs. Also, it seems to be shorter than The Whispered World.

Yes, sorry, Typo. :slight_smile: I was referring to this game:

I always get a bit confused about the title of this game because when it was announced it was marketed as “The Whisperer World 2”, before the developers changed their mind.

:frowning: i dont like those types of games…

Who knows, in the magic Ron Gilbert’s hands, even an RPG game can become an adventure-like game!
Let’s wait…


I believe in Ron’s story telling skills…but I dont like those miniatures manga looking top down styles…

back in 90s we played some orthographic games like Cannon Folder and it has been fun, but those cartoon “Japanese wise” miniatures… doesnt give me any seriousness and i just wont play it, because i just feel ridiculous…

BUT if it would be looking like Cadaver or Darkmere…that would be very different and I would be excited!!



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You´d be surprised what dark storylines some of those JRPGs have.

Ron wrote somewhere that these graphics are placeholders.

Exactly. He even wrote that it was just for fun so far.

I agree that they look nice. Also some lighting effects could be added, so that the game would look nocturnal and the character would explore the environment with a lantern or a torch, for example, while villages would have street lighting or bonfires. I’m convinced that also Ron himself would like to enhance the graphics, if he decided to sell this game.

That’s true. I usually don’t like bird’s-eye view in games either, but there were nonetheless some funny games. Deathspank was not a typical game of this kind either. And, who knows Ron’s current vision. In 1997, the first GTA was quite an original game, for instance, even though top-down games were not new at all back then.
Also, I enjoyed The Cave, even though I am not a typical platformer player.

I recently (re)discovered my love for the Metroidvania genre. If I knew he´d make one of those I would preorder the day before yesterday.

Oh, what I’d give for an adventure viewed like Cannon Fodder, in exotic location, with exploration and puzzles 50-50…