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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread


Is it just me or does anyone else hope that mother gets what she deserves? (I.e. something bad)


let’s just say that she won’t be exactly happy with the way you will chop that wood.

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Ahahaha, I can’t wait to see what happens next!! :joy:

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Also, if you’d seen your 6-year-old tell you “I’m bored” you’d suddenly be more sympathetic with the mother!


“Go chop the wood with an axe while your father is off in a bar?”

“Still here? C’mon, chop chop!”

When my 6 year old is bored, I start up Monkey Island…


Dear guys, I hope everything’s fine down here! I want to give my countless followers a small update. Here is some work-in-progress art for my game! :slight_smile:

How do you like it? :slight_smile:

As for the puzzle design of the second part, it’s not complete yet. At this pace, the game should be ready in a couple of decades!
Take care everybody!


I think it’s a great style. :slight_smile:

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I like it too.
It reminds me of Milo Manara’s Gulliveriana and Kamasutra (both point and click adventures based on the drawings of Manara):


Wow, that’s some art. I didn’t know those game existed, I’m curious now.


Well, to be honest, the best things are the original drawings by Manara. As for game mechanics, they are quite simple, sometimes just recurring to the pixel hunting. Also sceneries have often worse quality than the characters drawn by Manara himself. They barely cross the limit of the point and click adventures. But I find them quite enjoyable. I like them afterall.

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The imperfect colouring is perfect!

Staying true to the original, there won’t be any animation? Not that I’d miss that.


Oh, here’s another one:

I’m so lazy I think I might ship that way !

Exactly! After all I have about 100 locations (plus cutscenes, which are basically backgrounds with less detail). I need to save on something!

PS: in the meantime: the UI has been improved, the “binary use” which you missed is back, and many new jokes have been added to the first part.


Every image you posted reminds me of the involved rooms I’ve played, perfectly!

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Who is the artist? You, yourself?


Yeah, it’s me!

I took some pictures off the internet and painted over. :slight_smile:

If Mark Ferrari did it for the famous staircase, why shouldn’t I, I say. :slight_smile:


In the second part, I’m thinking to give a more prominent role to Frank Stallone. The character has comedic potential, I think :slight_smile:

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I have to play it, last time the game was incomplete.
Can’t wait to test it as soon as possible!

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Same!!! :smile:


I am not sure if I should first do the graphics of all the locations of part 1, so as to finalize part 1, or continue with the design of part2… hm…


I think you should complete the game, even with “wireframe” graphic.

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