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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread


Very wise advice.

But I was so getting into drawing :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll just finish this location and move on:


Of course! Cleaning up too much would kill the charm and suck the life out of it.

Same here!


The art is wonderful. I really mean it. It suits perfectly the tone of the game, and it’s really nice to look at.


Thank you! And it’s really fun to draw, too. Very relaxing! Designing is much harder… a headache.


I agree. That aspect of it is definitely part of what I was responding to. :slight_smile:


Good enough for now:

back to design!


It’s too beautiful.
You should make it worse.


No, and from now on you will refer to me as “the artist formerly known as seguso”


“Artist, Comedian, Wood Chopper” :grin:


Hiw do I try the game?


Hi Matt. Thanks for the interest! I suppose I could put the game back online with the latest UI. But not with the real graphics… I’ts not ready yet. There’s only placeholder graphics (very low res pictures). if you want to play with the real graphics, you’ll have to wait for… well, no idea how long.

If you want to play with placeholder graphics, let me know and I’ll put the game back up in 10 hours or so. (I need to finish some new dialogues and translate them)


Might as well try the placeholder art version since I dont want to wait decades :hourglass_flowing_sand: :new_moon_with_face:


wise choice :slight_smile:
I’ll write to you privately when ready, most likely 10 hours.


I hope this gives you some inspiration:




I should probably change the character name to something else…

Mike, for example.


For who’s interested, I’ve put the game back online for Matt to test it. It is much more polished than the previous version. More dialogs and jokes are present, some puzzles have been remodeled, more failure combinations are handled, and the UI is much more practical to use. (you can combine two objects, in which case you are not asked for an objective; Also, if you use an object which you have in the inventory, the map does not pop up; and so on)

The graphics is still the old one though, and part 2 is still missing.

This could be of interest to @ZakPhoenixMcKracken especially, who didn’t play Dracula’s castle (or did he?). Also to @guga, @Someone and @milanfahrnholz, who played just a few minutes. (But it might also make sense to wait for the final graphics :))


I could enter the castle and go into a few rooms.


Ok, then you missed a big part, 1/3 of the game :grin:


Another location… can I ship without the legs of the guard?:thinking: