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Signed Thimbleweed Park collector's edition box for $500.00

I can’t answer that properly, but on GOG you are able to download a stand-alone version without the need of a (Steam-)client. The DVD contains a stand-alone version, so GOG makes more sense to me. (So you don’t have to install the Steam client.)

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Oh right, I didn’t think about that. (the old me who didn’t like Steam would have immediately understood why they chose GOG)

I’ve found somebody on eBay who pre-sells the Art Book for $84.

I can’t understand what’s the advantage of purchasing the Art Book from this person instead of purchasing it directly from Fangamer at about half the price.

Thanks, great idea! :slight_smile:

How did you measure that?

I didn’t measure it, I was referring to this information:

You can use the GOG client (GOG Galaxy). It works very similar to Steam (with auto-update, chat etc.), but contrary to Steam no one forces you to install such service.
The GOG Galaxy update mechanism is in such regards superior to Steam that it allows you to turn off auto-updates and allows to rollback to previous versions.

In case you don’t want to use GOG Galaxy you can download installers from their web site.
Those installers have to be manually created by GOG staff.

Yes, I understand, and that’s why I said that Steam has a slightly quicker update system: by design Steam doesn’t let users to choose to be updated in a slower way.

That’s like complaining to GOG about not getting an update yesterday because I choose to not turn on my computer until today…

As a game developer, I prefer Steam. GOG can’t handle Linux without human intervention. Steam’s patch diffing seems to be much better, so it’s quicker to get data up and down.

Also, as a game developer, I want people to be playing the latest version, not some build three versions ago. People like that are a support nightmare. We get countless support questions from GOG users who don’t use GOG Galaxy and we’re continually having to tell them to go get the latest version.

But all that said, GOG and Steam both good system with good dev backends. I’d like to be on, but they are a nightmare, as they make you create all your own installers, and I just don’t have the time for that.

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Responsible GOG users should really check if it’s the latest version before sending any support requests :frowning:
But this also sounds like GOG is getting more popular, yay :+1:

True, GOG Galaxy still isn’t supported on Linux (Windows and MacOS only).
But Linux users are used to that anyway. They are glad they will get a game at all. :slight_smile:

Are there services/people/friends to which you could outsource the building of these installers?

He just needs to buy his game on GOG, download the installers and strip the EULA and ads from it :slight_smile:

Would that be legal?

This wasn’t a serious suggestion. Beside legal issues you would also have to fix a lot of other stuff (all occurrences of “GOG”, paths etc.).

It might be possible to automate the process, investing time to build a converter and launching it for every new build. Technical limits worry me less then legal ones.

I don’t have time. When all the porting is done, I’ll build them and get it on

Why? For me it seems that the sales on are (very) low?

Hehe. :slight_smile: Ask the developers of AFAIR Superhot and Firewatch. :slight_smile: They introduced some bugs in a new version of their Linux port. In these cases you are glad as a developer that the players are able to get back to an old (working) version. :slight_smile:

It would be far more better, if DRM free games are getting more popular. :slight_smile:

Yup. :slight_smile: I’m one of these guys. :wink:

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I definitely prefer GOG as a customer. I hate having to open Steam itself just to launch games from it. The way I see it, if I buy a game I shouldn’t have to open a program that’s not required to launch it. But I can understand why Steam is preferred by devs.


Being on more platforms is always better unless it’s a hassle to support or get there. in particular is a very nice platform allowing you to put all kind of (DRM-free) stuff on it, even the smallest game, also free games or prices with open end (e.g >= $5) (or ebooks).
This platform allows you to select the amount of money which goes to them (vs. fixed rate of similar platforms, like 30% on Steam/GOG).

Somehow a lot of people just don’t care, I don’t know.

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