Signed Thimbleweed Park collector's edition box for $500.00

This wasn’t a serious suggestion. Beside legal issues you would also have to fix a lot of other stuff (all occurrences of “GOG”, paths etc.).

It might be possible to automate the process, investing time to build a converter and launching it for every new build. Technical limits worry me less then legal ones.

I don’t have time. When all the porting is done, I’ll build them and get it on

Why? For me it seems that the sales on are (very) low?

Hehe. :slight_smile: Ask the developers of AFAIR Superhot and Firewatch. :slight_smile: They introduced some bugs in a new version of their Linux port. In these cases you are glad as a developer that the players are able to get back to an old (working) version. :slight_smile:

It would be far more better, if DRM free games are getting more popular. :slight_smile:

Yup. :slight_smile: I’m one of these guys. :wink:

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I definitely prefer GOG as a customer. I hate having to open Steam itself just to launch games from it. The way I see it, if I buy a game I shouldn’t have to open a program that’s not required to launch it. But I can understand why Steam is preferred by devs.


Being on more platforms is always better unless it’s a hassle to support or get there. in particular is a very nice platform allowing you to put all kind of (DRM-free) stuff on it, even the smallest game, also free games or prices with open end (e.g >= $5) (or ebooks).
This platform allows you to select the amount of money which goes to them (vs. fixed rate of similar platforms, like 30% on Steam/GOG).

Somehow a lot of people just don’t care, I don’t know.

Yes, and this could be a problem: offers a lot of games and a lot of “crap”. So your game could “get lost in the shuffle” and a lot of people could think: Oh, it’s on, so it’s crap. (I don’t think so, by the way :wink: ).

Oh, this is very interesting. (I really have to dig deeper into this marketing and publishing stuff. :slight_smile:)

One word: stem … seam … stream … what was it called again?

There might be a site called stemseamstream, but it´s not what you think it is…

Obviously he meant Sesame Street.

Makes sense for them to mess things up like that, they got the most chaotic personnel!

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For just $299.00 you can get the collector’s edition of Thimbleweed Park:

Quotations are lowering.

They are not. This is not a signed copy.

Yep, you can buy this box for $40. I hope no one falls for it.

It seems someone fell for it… it is marked “sold”. Though strictly speaking, there is no false information in the description, it does trick you to think you saw “signed by” because that’s what all collector’s edition boxes are supposed to be.

Either the buyer assumed that it was a backer copy or he/she didn’t know that the collector’s edition can be simple bought from Fangamer. Something tells me that a large percentage of people interested in the game are not aware of the Fangamer shop.

Third reason: The buyer knows that the box isn’t available at the moment and he/she/it wanted the box now.

I would agree with this: The TWP website doesn’t mention the collector’s edition. And the menu points only to “merch” - at least I wouldn’t expect a boxed version behind that link. :slight_smile:

What did they wanted the box to know?

Seriously, you are right, I didn’t think about this possible reason. I’m definitely the kind of person who will never get the “right now” attitude. I can be patient.

I would rename that menu voice to “Shop” and link it directly to the Fangamer gallery. The advantages of this change for both users and the website manager would be more than the disadvantages.

But regardless of this little change my perception is that a lot of people don’t even realize that there is an official website to visit or simply they are not connected enough with the developers to get all the news about the game. Reaching less-informed people would require investments in marketing.

Because you must know, that now is the time to know, that’s after midnight in Germany and my concentration is, well, you know. :wink:

Yep. Maybe @RonGilbert can change that.