Signed Thimbleweed Park collector's edition box for $500.00

You can compare the gravatar ID with e.g. this one: blog comment or PM me some key text to post on the blog to verify it’s my gravatar account.

Regarding time frame: Ron isn’t showing any timestamps on comments but the post is from 2014-07-10 and my comments are on the top.

That proves nothing! Do you hear me?! THAT PROVES NOTHING!!!

Disclaimer: I had previously done a search and found your post on the Grumpy Gamer Blog. But in the spirit of helping you win this heated, high-stakes court case, I’ll contribute to your shockingly sloppy evidence. According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the earliest site capture was from Sept. 30, 2014, and contains your post. Though even this evidence cannot absolutely prove that you posted the comment when you claim you did, it makes your claim very unlikely to be false, without having to invoke internet conspiracies, and whoever heard of one of those?

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Well the claim was “~3a” which is now proven :slight_smile:

Maybe Ron can post a database dump including comments + timestamps and old web logs he’d probably backed up on floppy disks?

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If you are the only person who is able to recreate the same Gravatar ID that appears in the HTML code of that copy, then it was you who wrote that thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if someone were to hack both the Internet Archive Wayback Machine AND the Grumpy Gamer Blog and retroactively add the comment, it could have been posted just days ago by some malicious individual. Of course that’s exceedingly unlikely, but on the other hand, maybe that’s exactly what a three-headed monkey WANTS me to think…

So, I’m the seller on ebay and want to address a few things.

The Kickstarter campaign was open for a month, anyone could’ve pledged for the Kickstarter Collector’s Edition box, it’s not like it was a limited print of so many units at that time and I “took away” one of the units up for sale in order to re-sell it and made others unable to get it before it was “sold out”. Some kickstarter campaigns do have early bird specials and a limited number of spots for specific tiers but the $150 tier for the TP Kickstarter-edition Collector’s Box was unlimited.

Anyway, I backed that Tier for $150 because I wanted to see the campaign succeed, I’m a big fan of Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, David Fox and Mark Ferrari (who no one even knew was going to be working on the game until several months later), but also yeah I wanted to have a physical Collector’s Edition box of the game for myself because I like to collect physical copies of games as I much prefer physical over digital. The campaign was November/December of 2014, nearly 3 years ago.

During the game’s development, I was constantly participating in the blog threads, giving recommendations for the “why is there a chainsaw” problem that Ron let us do, listing book titles in the library, and I spent several hours of my time one night writing and submitting a two-page entry of a “book” that we were allowed to participate in too.

I love Thimbleweed Park, am really happy with how it turned out and hope that Ron, Gary, David, Mark and everyone else involved are able to do another game through Kickstarter because I’d expect the campaign to be even more successful than TP’s was now that backers know they have nothing to worry about and are going to get a great game, unlike with how some other kickstarter projects like Mighty No. 9 and Godus ended up (I hope Inafune and Molyneux never get employed again).

So regarding me selling the Kickstarter edition box, as I said I’m a collector of video games, I’m mainly a PS4 console gamer, and in the past year or so, digital-only indie titles have been getting limited run releases like crazy. August alone saw Oceanhorn, Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Tachyon Project and several other releases.

It’s expensive as hell to keep up with everything, so I made the decision to sell what is a very rare Kickstarter backer-only Collector’s Box with Ron and Gary’s signature (c’mon, these guys are legends!) that I had originally paid $150 for 3 years ago and finally got in the mail just last week, in order to help my physical limited edition PS4 library grow.

I sold it for way less than the $500 I was asking for via an offer someone gave me. I communicated with the buyer before making the decision to accept his offer to make sure that he was aware that Fangamer would be doing non-kickstarter version Collector’s Edition boxes of the game. He replied and told me he already knew this and that he wanted the Kickstarter-backer version of the Collector’s Edition specifically with Ron and Gary’s signatures on the cover which are exclusive to the kickstarter-backer edition. After his reply telling me this I decided to accept his offer.

If someone wants the Kickstarter-backer Collector’s Edition, but for whatever reason didn’t pledge for during the campaign and missed out on it, and 3 years later now has the chance to get it by making an offer to someone who did get it, well what’s wrong with that?

I’d like to point out that during the kickstarter campaign either Ron Gilbert (or Gary Winnick, I forget which) mentioned that he had no problem with backers selling their physical rewards on ebay either. I didn’t plan on selling my reward, things just turned out that way but to the complainers, well, :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for joining the conversation. If you read it, you’ve seen I didn’t blame you for your conduct which I consider legitimate.
What do you think? Are those kind of items for selling at unrealistic prices? Do you think will somebody pay €2500 for that Zak’s box, or the seller will have to choose to lower the price?

Not even I, a -HUGE- fan of Zak McKracken and its creator, will pay such amount of money.
There is a limitation for everything…

Thanks for stopping by. :slight_smile:

Absolutely nothing, eBay wouldn’t exist if there was something wrong with selling collectibles. On a personal level, it will always feel strange to me to sell a Kickstarter reward that I wanted because I was somehow emotionally involved with the project, but that’s just because I don’t have the mindset of a collector, not because there is something wrong with it.

Regardless of this specific eBay auction, I was mainly curious to understand if a market for reselling Kickstarter rewards did actually exist. I’m talking about people who back several projects with the intention of selling their most valuable rewards. It could be an interesting form of investment.

Wow, there is a Korean version of MI2? Bottom right corner, I mean. Wonder if it’s just the box / manual, or if the software is also translated.

Edit: Googling “원숭이 섬의 비밀” provided me with the answer. :slight_smile:
Cool, never saw MI with Korean text. But I finished the Japanese version of it.

I would say, that if someone worships it with a buy out more than 150 for the signed box, it increases the value of the game itself even more. I dont see any problem with that offer. Its your right and helps to bind kinda value to the game.

My only issue with selling backer only items is now someone who didn’t back the game has the status of someone who did. In all fairness, they might have backed, but at a different level, or maybe they backed later, etc, etc, etc. I can’t stop it, and wouldn’t even if I could. I just want to make sure real backers have something special and know how much we appreciated their contribution in helping get the game made.


Many People were not aware of the kickstarter process. Perhaps they feel degraded from that point they knew and couldnt pledge anymore. You shouldnt worry that much. I dont see backers get frustrated coz of someone buys a backers box. At least i dont. And i am already a selfish person. Lol

Oh and btw, maybe you forgot, every backer with 150+ usd (or lets say all guys who pledged for box) can be verified in the phonebook. If someone claims he is a backer and showing the box he could proofe it with his name in the game.

I backed for the box, but I wasn’t aware of TWP before the kickstart ended. I backed later, through the blog site. I understand that who backed through kickstarter is eligible to a signed box, while who backed later is eligible to an unsigned box.
Is this box different in any way from the box anyone can buy?

For the content, you say?
I don’t think so.
The differences are:

  • the Ron’s golden signature
  • the “Backer-a-reno” badge
  • the pride

I could not be more proud having backed the project and now finally hold my signed box in hands. I hope I will never have to give it away :slight_smile:!


@Marco74 : what about using spoiler tags around the photo? I’m sure that there are backers who haven’t received the box yet and who would enjoy to open the box like a little kid would open a mysterious Christmas gift. :smiley:

All backers get a signed box. If you buy it from Fangamer, it’s unsigned.

Too late!.. beeeeeeeeeeeeep :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

“Official Thimbleweed Park speck of dust” … and… “Disk 22/269”

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