Social Media: the devil?

Try harder :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually suceed when I´m not trying at all!

Wooo, what I´m gonna do?! :dizzy_face:

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You guys, I get what all your problems with social media are. But what have you got against the devil?


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Social Devil: a media?

Still no Ron here, anyway for what it’s worth…
The only social medium I actively use is FB. On Twitter I just check some profiles from time to time (rarely).
I’m on facebook since seven or eight years because of my darling asked me to. At the beginning I posted songs like many people. After that, I tried to have conversations about things that were important to me but I wasn’t able to carry them out in a constructive way. After that period, FB started to become more and more oriented to little businesses and marketing (personal marketing too). It was then that I lowered my participation to the point of a post per year. No one even cares, since people seem like they give attention (and likes) to those who have a strong participation, people that they can follow, and time creates an emotional bond. You can’t reach that with a post per year.
I use FB messenger more. I also like to have a look to some associations or people. But I don’t feel the urge to check it out more than three-four times a week. It doesn’t usually make me feel better, and I tend to avoid it.

In the end the risk is that we’re moving the image of ourself and our relations to a virtual space where we can build them in a way that is more dependent from us, but that is a problem since it doesn’t train us to confront with others in the real world. Social media should be used better, but is up to us to have balance, while sitting in front of a screen for several hours I don’t know if can help us in balance. (OMG I wrote something like a text from primary school :exploding_head:)


Depends what you use him for.

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As in 7200 seconds every day?

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Let me just reply to this before I´m back to compliment David Crosby on his marvelous moustache…and then tell the same to the other @David.

Twitter was fun for a week, or so. (I’d been on a business trip and my wife and I used it to keep in touch). Haven’t posted anything since. Nowadays I’m following a few game related channels, to track upcoming releases and stuff, since mailing lists or forums seem to go out of style.

Facebook is similar. I’ve befriended most of my family and a few select people, and will check around my birthday if somebody has written something. Stupid FB E-Mails are also permanently clogging up my spam folder:

I guess I’ll delete my account one day, but so far it doesn’t bother me too much to do anything so drastic.


Wow, you’re very active on Facebook. My Facebook spam looks like this:

And then there’s LinkedIn’s “10 people viewed your profile this week, omigosh!”

So you think I’m in need of therapy?


More importantly, Derek needs to know if you’re still alive. Immediately.


Honestly, that must be the funniest mail I’ve received to date! I’ll just keep him hanging and see if he’s got more hilarious subjects up his sleeves :smile:.


It made me laugh out loud :smile: never had one like that!

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Cindy Love? Sounds like a totes ligit defo non Porn name to me!


And it appears to be paying off, Mr Twitter.

(Milan won’t need us now that he’s becoming viral)


Haha, you mean because of the 41Strange thing?

Yeah, that is the usual, though.

I follow an account called The Last Blockbuster which is a parody account making jokes refering to the decline of Blockbuster Video. Every tweet is a joke and often I respond with another joke that usually gets likes and retweets for weeks.

I also try to refrain from replying to people like Mark Hamill and Stephen King, because the attention I get from their followers is craaaaazy. :scream:

I still hope to get retweeted by the 41 strange account itself, though because that would mean that people like Guillermo del Toro would see it. :slight_smile:


Stephen King('s PR agent) is on Twitter? Weird, you’d think I’d have seen one of those tweets at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

For over a year Twitter thought I’d want to know all about William Shatner’s tweets. I didn’t even follow the guy… and frankly he tweets horribly, or at least the tweets Twitter was pushing on me were junk. Landed in Hong Kong. Landed in Frisco. Landed in… Nothing good.

These days it thinks I should be into Jonathan Frakes and Thimbleweed Park. Well, at least I follow Thimbleweed Park… possibly.

It is himself, definitely.

He tweets like the crazy person he is, what did you expect?

That sounds more like Steve Wozniak´s Twitter, because it is literally that.

Frakes is nice but infrequent. Brent Spiner by far has the most entertaining account of them all.

My moustache is honored.