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(SPOILERS) Which Easter-Eggs have you found?

By default posts can only be edited for 60 days after they were made.

I could make it a wiki post for you, but that way any trust user could edit it.

But that´s why we´re called “trust users”, we wouldn´t do that if it would bother him. :slight_smile:

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List of forum moderators.

But eviltrout can also modify some things.

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Hmm… I was curating the list myself, writing all entries. This is why I didn’t turn it into a wiki back then.

I rather keep it that way. If you cannot grant edit access to me, then someone else can create a separate wiki for their own purposes if they like, in their own format and style. :slight_smile:


@eviltrout is hidden in that “System” thing :smiley:

I think that’s OK: The thread about the TWP versions should inform about the TWP version history and in most cases others were faster in discovering the release of a new version. :slight_smile: So, please convert the version thread into a Wiki post.

Hmmm. That’s a bit quick to act on someone else’s thread…

??? I was talking about my thread that covers the change history of TWP…

Haha… sorry, I just realized that. I thought because I was asking about editing this thread as well, and you were posting here… I missed your original link above.

Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry DZ, we won’t deface your precious post :smiley:

Aha! I know what you are talking about. I came back here to add that too, but I couldn’t edit the first post.


Hi, @eviltrout. You said “by default”; is there a way to override this or is it permanent?


Yes, it can be set to any value. The tricky thing is if you increase it to a really high number, you allow people to go back and remove stuff that was otherwise permanent, which they sometimes do as a form of trolling or “screw you I’m taking my ball and going home.”

So there are downsides to that too.

Doesn’t Discourse “save” all changes in a version control system (similar to a Wiki)?

Yes, of course, we don’t want to encourage such behaviour.

I meant actually if it were possible to override it for a single thread or first post.

I know that the admin at AtariAge does this from time to time on that forum, so I wonder if Discourse has a similar feature.

If not, that’s quite alright. :slight_smile:


How could you know that on the 1st of july?

You should know! C’mon! Test your memories, go back to the earliest ones…

Damn, I think I went too far!


Now, this time, remember not to talk to that girl at the birthday party.


Or, at least, he should have limited himself to talking to her…

Tips for the name are welcome! What do you think of Guybrush if male? I wonder if someone exists on earth who named his child that way… After all, once you got past the name related trauma, it’s all downhill from there…

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