Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek™: Judgment Rites - hints, opinions

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I assume you are talking about the flight controls?
Like in many other adventure games we can expect little clunkiness in action sequences :slight_smile:
But I don’t really remember particular problems with controls.

I do remember one fight which was tough, it was against another Constitution class ship.
I restarted this mission a lot, relying on lucky hits in the first seconds.

If you want some very minor hints:
  • First: You have played and completed Zak McKracken. You shouldn’t have a lot of problems with these two. Or any other adventure game out there. :slight_smile:

  • You can complete missions in non-optimal ways. You will get a rating each time, but you don’t have to be perfect.
    E.g. sometimes Red Shirts die :gun: :skull_and_crossbones:. Let’s call it collateral damage and move on.
    If you don’t want this to happen though: I know you know how save systems work :slight_smile:

  • You will learn this early anyway: As a Star Trek officer you shouldn’t be unprepared.
    In this game this means to squeeze as much information out of the computer library as possible before a mission.
    One rather stupid flaw in this game is that you cannot access the computer anymore after beaming down, even when you are still able to contact the ship.

The game consists of two different types of gameplay:

  • One is a typical point’n’click adventure (multiple verbs, inventory, …).
  • The other one are fights between star ships.
    In the past I’ve used the mouse to steer the ship and fire weapons.
    You can (and should) use keyboard shortcuts to efficiently manage the ship (speed) and crew.
    You can also pause the game.

Pressing S:

“Raising shields, captain!”

The flight controls were really bad. But I refer to this: Favorite adventure game interface style

I haven’t really played the game since.

Exactly. I love it. A huge star ship like this isn’t supposed to be commanded so easily :slight_smile:

List of keyboard commands

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NB I did so on a modern ScummVM, not like someone from 30 years ago. These games aren’t on ScummVM and DOSBox doesn’t have savestates afaik. So a lot in terms of my enjoyment (rather than problems per se) might depend on the save mechanism. :slight_smile:

Anyway, remember how I said this:

And when I don’t [own them], chances are my wife does.

When I asked her about it, she said she bought the Star Trek games “a long time ago.”

So except for the Space Quest games, I think we probably do own them all.

Don’t worry, you won’t need many saves in this game but…

…if you really want to play it in ScummVM you have to wait a long time, although not forever:
In this year’s GSoC all the missions of the first game were implemented but the rest (space combat…) is still missing. Also the second game is completely missing.

I don’t care if it’s on ScummVM; it’s just an example of something that gives me 99 saves. Which isn’t enough, but it’s not unreasonable. :slight_smile:

The original C&C for DOS is better than ScummVM as far as saves go. :smiley:

The Telltale method is @#@# horrible. I don’t want to replay the whole game to see the result of a particular different action, thank you very much. So I just won’t replay it at all, or possibly try to look it up on YouTube.

Development on ScummVM is always surprising me even when my expectations have already been raised so high. Wow!


Isn’t this something most games sadly have nowadays?
I.e. one auto-saving save/profile slot and nothing else.
If you are lucky there are maybe three.
If you are REALLY lucky you can even copy a slot.
No manual saves.

Yeah, it’s still annoying but in games like Tomb Raider 2013 and its sequels it matters less. I still feel my disk space should be the limit without needing to manually resort to copying profile directories, but there’s less of a “what if I’d tried this instead” factor. Sure, there’s things like sneaking vs guns blazing but it doesn’t tend to matter so much to try it at one specific moment.

As far as Star Trek goes, I liked TNG best. As such, I only ever played A Final Unity, which doesn’t seem to be available for purchase at the moment. Unless you count eBay.

I was wondering whether there was a decent TNG game. I know there are a lot of bad ones, but not sure if anything would be worth trying out.

I understand the Voyager shooter was decent. Which is sort of TNG-adjacent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some claim Birth of the Federation is a pretty cool TBS and Armada a decent RTS.

And how about this one?–_A_Final_Unity#Reception

NB I’m not sure if I’ve ever played any ST game.

Those quotes pretty much sum it up. That game is the embodiment of a Star Trek: TNG episode in video game form. Good story, some likely not too difficult P&C style away missions and a bit of space combat, too, all voiced by the original actors. Recommended.


As a Star Trek fan I liked Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force very much!

I haven’t played any TNG game I can remember.

This is an obscure Star Trek related game I’ve played in the past: WinTrek (1992, Win 3.x)


It looks oddly familiar, but I’m reasonably sure I never played it and LGR hasn’t done a video on it.

Another DOS/Win3 space armada game perhaps?

I’s the only one I have played but you can find more on mobygames with similar mechanics, e.g.:

Definitely none of those. But I didn’t say it needs to be Star Trek. :slight_smile: