Start of the Winter Olympics 2018

These games were superior! It was so fun to play with friends and family!

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I used to play The Games: Winter Challenge from 1991, which had 3D graphics. I had much fun with it back in the early 90s, but I also remember having played Winter Games and Summer Games when I was a kid.


California Games was also pretty great at the time. I remember playing that on both C64 and NES.


I spent a lot of time on that game. Wonderful. I could never land a ski jump (I found out later that I needed to press Enter) but I loved it.

Except the biathlon. *beep* biathlon.

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Chamonix Challenge wasn’t a good but due to its setting interesting game.

I enjoyed surfing in California games (Lynx/Highscore).

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I definitely should try Winter Games, Summer Games and California Games once again, since I actually have all of them in my DTV.

PS: Oh yes, they are fun & challenging! Biathlon is a joystick killer indeed, though. C64 compatible joysticks might have become rare, I guess - or are there still manufacturers? The ice-skating is definitely more merciful in this regard - except the freestyle skating (as I’m still puzzling about the controls there). :smiley: