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Strange food you should really give a try



Nope, not yet…


A real pizza dispenser hacker doesn’t need to be physically around to have an effect. Nice-Mirabilandia is only 550km. Larger distances have been proven futile in resisting her powers before!!


They are still there, checking the coins module…


Police? It’s the General Manager of Mirabilandia speaking. Could you please send somebody? There’s a suspect guy, hiding in a group of unattended minors, staring at my men at work and taking pictures from 5 hours… he keeps on saying he works for the FBI and wants to know where the nudge-nudge-wink-wink pizza coupons are.


I bet he works at the Home Office in Albuquerque.


Seems fair value for that amount of money. Or, to put it another way, count yourself lucky that it wasn’t done immediately after swallowing your €2,50, or whatever they charge for a slice. :slight_smile:

It amazes me to no end, though I must admit that I am forced to participate in that scheme where I work, too. One simple reason (at least in our case) is that a lot of OEM parts come with client libraries that are Windows-only, or require Windows-based tools for setup, maintenance and/or trouble-shooting. Quite a sizeable portion of our install base is still running on XP, and while we do offer an upgrade package to Windows 7, most of our customers seem unwilling to pay the cost or take the risk. We dread the day we’re forced to switch to Windows 10 …


I give up. Now the touch screen is working (pizza = 5 euros) but they say the oven isn’t working.
That doesn’t seem to work.


They couldn’t fix it? Even after working on it all day?! :woman_facepalming:
Oh well, I guess you’ll have to have some normal pizza instead :wink:


waiwaiwaiwai wait. So he and a big group of kids stood in front of a pizza vending machine for 8 hours, he was taking a couple of photographs and nobody thought of like…going somewhere else?? :confused:


Yes, I had, in a restaurant inside the park.
I think it was a sign of the fate :grin:


I know I’m quite bizarre, but not so much :grin::grin:
On Saturday we changed the group: no more kids under 13, now teens 13-17. They can walk freely in the park. I was together with my friend, and of course we decided to go somewhere else and return from time to time.


Maybe they hadn’t enough money on their cash cards to buy the toolbox from Lou’s Loans …?


I think that was the issue: they did and they bought that tool box.
Only to realise that “fix” is only in the Maniac Mansion verb UI !


I wonder if the machine has only an on/on switch…? :thinking:


Looks more like an off/off switch then :thinking:


this morning, for breakfast, there is this new entry:

biscuits with no milk and no eggs

… what are they made of?? Paper?? :thinking:


But it’s tiny!
The biscuit is lying!! :open_mouth:


Hehehe… if you fold that wrapper, the cookie is called Gran Merda


Perhaps the hands are tiny?


That’s possible.