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Strange food you should really give a try


They are exquisite!


Why are they blue?

They remind me a bit of vegetable crisps (I think we might’ve discussed before), which are quite nice.

(those look a bit like potpourri, but you get the gist.)


Are those Tyrrell’s?

No, they look like Tyrrell’s :slight_smile:


Those are homemade ones (not by me), but yep, same thing.





Because da-ba-dee da-ba-daa… ehm… the potatoes are made that way. Natural. Even carrots are blue/violet in reality, it was after a human intervention if they are now orange.


Orange is the new blue.


These things have arrived in Germany:

Has someone tried them?


:open_mouth: No! Where did you order them from?


We’ve got those too! They’re really nice. Though more expensive than the standard ones, naturally.


I can get them here at “Kaufland”.

They are saying that they have a different taste that comes just from the special cocoa named “Ruby”.


How do they taste? Sweeter than the normal ones?


Yes, very sweet. Did you ever have those pink chocolate pig ‘penny sweets’ in Germany? They taste like those.


Ah, thanks. Then maybe they aren’t a thing for @Someone. :slight_smile: But if I get the chance, I’ll try them. :slight_smile:


It’s the first time I see such chocolate. The wikipedia description seems interesting, but its colour… to my personal taste isn’t so much appealing. Is the real thing really so pink? I wonder how much of that hue is due to the ruby beans and how much due to artificial colours. I’ve browsed the net for pics, and in some of them the tone feels much more natural (including the one on the wiki page).


I would guess this. Is there somewhere/did you find a list with the ingredients?


No, it seems to be a trade secret.

Anyway… since the pink colour you can see on images like this

Is quite light, I believe that to obtain such a tone for chocolate implies “decolouring” it, either using some industrial process, or simply putting just a minimum amount of ruby cocoa powder into the chocolate (white chocolate is made from cocoa butter but with no addition of cocoa powder).

I’d be very willing to taste a “dark” version of ruby chocolate, but I’m afraid that this pink chocolate could be only some sort of white chocolate plus a very small addition of ruby cocoa powder (only to justify the name) and food colours (to obtain the pinky tone).
But obviously I might be wrong.

Anyway, this Ruby Chocolate fits perfectly this thread. Well done!


Same here. :slight_smile: I’ve never seen this ruby chocolate before and I’m really curious about how it taste. But I fear that the KitKat bar consists only of a small amount of it.



I bought diced bacon and cheddar today and have no idea what to do with them. I really only got them because I thought it would be neat to combine them somehow, because they´re both diced. So I´m open to suggestions now!