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Strange food you should really give a try


Buy a baguette (or buns), cut them through, put the bacon on it, put the cheddar on it and gratinate it for some minutes in the oven. Similar to these things:


Eat them?


Like snacks?


Sure! I would. I mean, if I liked bacon. Already do that with cheese, though. Mmm, cheeeeeeeeese.




I admit I´ve been considering that.


Need more? :wink:

/edit: Now I’m hungry… :frowning:


I think I´m good :heart::boom:



Next time you should buy broccoli. :wink:



I knew that you would come up with this. :wink:


Crap I don´t like being predictable.


The dreaded seasonal vegetable … which is in season all year round.


I’m quite picky for vegetables… yet I don’t understand why broccoli should be so infamous.

I think it is because of the bad smell that any cauliflower-type vegetable make when cooked, but it has nothing to do with their flavour.

One nice thing about broccoli is that you can find (at least in Italy) many fancy varieties. All you geek and nerd over there will literally fall in love with the Fibonacci sequences of the fractals in a Broccolo Romanesco!

But The one I love the most is Broccolo Fiolaro. It is very rare even in Italy, but, trust me, try to remember its name and if you manage to find it somewhere, don’t lose the opportunity of tasting it! I’ve had it only a couple of times in my life. You don’t eat the flowers (like in regular Broccoli), but the leaves, which have a peculiar and subtle flavour which was beloved by your fellow illustrious compatriot Goethe.


During my time in the U.S., plenty of restaurants would have “this and that with seasonal vegetables” on the menu. But no matter the season, the vegetable was always broccoli (of the ordinary kind).

I don’t mind it (nor it’s varieties), but whenever I see it (or see seasonal vegetables offered in a restaurant), it greatly amuses me. So I just had to leave that comment :slight_smile:.


Simple: It tastes horrible (like other kale vegetables) and let you fart.


Oh, that explains everything! :smiley:
In the USA, the season of vegetables has more to do with fashion than with nature! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, broccoli are in season between september and march, at least in italian latitudes.


We’ve had this discussion yet, I was waiting for you, my friend :blush: