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Strange food you should really give a try


Official party pooper(*) at your service! :wink:

(*) In this discussion it has a second meaning! :wink:



About ostrich meat…

I’ve eaten it in South Africa for the first time.
I love that there they have a lot of wonderful meats we don’t have.
Ostrich and zebra are quite common and tasty, but my favourite ones are the antelopes, which can have a very wide variety of meats among species.
If you manage to visit South Africa (or, more generally, one of the countries of southern Africa) I suggest to look for the Springbok. I’ve never, I say never, eaten such a delicious meat. sweet, tender, flavoury but delicate… fantastic.

Little fun fact: “ostrica” in italian doesn’t mean “ostrich”. It means “oyster”. BTW, they have fantastic oysters, too in southern Africa. :yum:


I know I’m late to the party and the fridge now, but SPANISH OMELETTE.

I had the best Spanish omelettes for brekkie in Mauritius*. They chucked everything in, including chilli, which I will be adding to mine from now on.

*last reference to Mauritius. Maybe.


I just at it all like that: :sweat:


Well, you know, maybe you just ate it like that so that next time you know what flavours will work with it.


Hey @someone I finally found those neatly cardboard packaged ones, here!


Their logo doesn’t really work when they sell them like that #pedantic


Rename them Solox? Singelix?



Goretex fear





Sorry, that wasn’t very witty.


I kinda was axing for it, though.


I’ve seen only the big ones here.


Didn´t you post a photo of those yourself somewhere on here?

This was the first time I saw them like that but it was only at one of our two Real stores.


I found only the ones that you posted above and the “Minis”. But in the last months I saw only the “big” ones in these packages (picture not from me):


Those are the same, except “neu” has beeen replaced by “gratis testen”.


Pickle pizza. I want to try this!


A little more drying for the zucchini, and I guess it would be very tasse-tee, ahem I mean tasty!