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Suggestions for new badges


level 10 : Brainy Smurf Kate


I was thinking more along the lines of:

50 mistakes - @PiecesOfKate is watching you :face_with_monocle:

100 mistakes - @PiecesOfKate called the grammar police

150 mistakes - prep your getaway gear

200 mistakes - RUN


But don´t underestimate the :racehorse:-powers under the hood of the Grammarmobile™!


Make no mistake, you’ll be caught anyway. But it makes the hunt more fun when the prey tries to run away :grinning:


:mouse2: :cat2:

Why do all the animals face the wrong way?!


To run from the cars, who face the same unusual direction!

:mouse2: :cat2: :dog2: :bird: :cow2: :blue_car: :red_car: :red_car: :blue_car: :racing_car: :truck: :ambulance:


OMG! I’m dead!



*ejects from Grammarmobile*








I love that clip :smile:


Oh I like those too :smile:

For some reason this thread was only showing me three replies when I wrote mine :thinking: