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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures



I knew that you would come up with something like that (but I assumed you would post the cat lady… ;-))


1 grandma, 1 mama, Ransome, Yin, Yang, SpeckOfDust and Hamtaro. Seven in total.


Expect the unexpected! :man_cartwheeling: :boom: :sparkler::tada:


Here’s a challenge: take a picture of all seven of them in one place!


He gets more points if all cats are alive …


Someone, what are you implying?!?! :grinning:


I would like to prevent this:


It’s a tough challenge: they are always scattered around!


You could put them all in one big (cardboard) box. But that would be cheating. :wink:


Why? There is always use for this:


But for our challenge shooting all cats and then picture them would be cheating - even if you can build funny and useful things out of them.


But try shooting a whole army of cat drones out of the sky. Yeah not so easy…


Fixed that for you :wink:


Haha, I’ve seen a video of that! It’s a real thing!!


Really? That’s animal cruelty…


Also when it´s already dead? That would at best be an affront to dignity.


Yes, somebody has build that thing (or it was a really good fake).


It was a pet cat that had been run over. Its owner decided to make it into a drone, with the help of an engineer, “as a tribute to his untimely death”.

Actually, they’ve done that with other animals too - either roadkill, or dead pets that people have brought to them. No animals are killed just for the purpose of making a drone.