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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


The 2018 what are we playing thread

Oh. Replicating this here then…


This is already my favourite thread :cat: :purple_heart:


My friend’s cat in his favourite habitat…


Ah yes, ours do that too.


Why do they do that?


I don’t know, but thank you for the question.


Cats seem to like small spaces, like boxes. Maybe it’s because they feel safe there.
And if they can have a drink at the same time, even better :smiley:


Awwww :heart_eyes:

Mine like drinking out of the tap too. Even if it’s turned off one of them knows how to use her tongue to make a vacuum, and cause a backlog of water to rush out.

I think they just enjoy any novelty way of drinking. And maybe because it’s free-flowing.


I don´t think I know their names, yet? Or if you mentioned them before I might have forgotten.


Samuel L Catson and Roxy.




We used all our energy on naming Sam and couldn’t think of a good name for her. Better than the birth names on their adoption papers though (Simba and Candy).


My friend´s mum named one of her cats Gizmo, named after a famous Mogwai of course.


Pics or it didn’t happened!

Like the cinemas in the 60s?


Didn’t your mom play Deponia, instead?


If this is a “yo mama” joke I´m not getting it.


Evidence Context is everything, Wright-dono.


Not directed at me but replying anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is Kuma (Kurkuma). She’s little miss grumpy needle claws. (When she goes kneading it’s torture; she scratches on the posts all the time too, no idea why her claws are so sharp.)

Here is Nushi (Nuska). She coos like a pigeon.

And finally, this is our cute little baby, Leksi (Aleksandra). She’s the kindest cat you’ll ever meet and she talks a lot.


You know, I can’t think of any place on the Internet more suited for dropping this link than right here on this forum in this thread: