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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!


but not on purpose! :rofl:


Well, it’s fun for me to work out what the hints mean, and you can gradually give me more detail if I’m having trouble decrypting them. Like the HintTron 3000 :wink:

But it was also useful to find out that I needed to solve another puzzle first. I’ll give more info next time so you know exactly where I’m at!

Anyway, new finding: the Law of Maps :joy: You may not read them without the Sheriff’s approval!


It seems there’s sooo much things I did not try yet!
I’s better start playing the game again too before you spoil everything :wink:


Just for old time’s sake, you might want to switch to classic sentence and retro verbs…


Yeah, and not right-clicking to open doors, right? :grimacing:


I think this soundclip may be useful during the course of this thread.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The best ending to a podcast!


:joy: :+1:


*beep* no ?!
Wraf no? :dog:

of course! I even didn’t know you could do that (or chose to forget right about that - there is an OPEN verb for a reason)

moving on… I started from the start again… I have to admit I dread a bit replaying the slow start. I thought I’d try to take a shortcut by killing Willie with the rock on the first screen… Boris says something funny (albeit not on purpose)




:ransome: *BEEP* doors that don’t open by themselves!

Imagine if the player was the murderer all along!! :astonished:


No, that was Hazel and…erm…that other guy.


Brian. You need to read up on the lore, Milan.
(And we need to write some more, one day :nerd_face: )


Ah yes! For some reason I always memorise girls’ names better. Maybe I should adopt one or something…

Sure! :open_book:


I can just imagine your application form:

Q: What’s your main quality that would make you a good parent?
A: I can remember the child’s name! As long as it’s a girl!



So you have solved the puzzle with the tree now? If not: Ask yourself what you would do in the real world. :slight_smile:

Here! :raising_hand_man:


Hazel… Brian… did you just spoil the whole RPG thing ? (Still didn’t read it)…


I am going to play with the new fonts and gasp a controller…
I might even hook it up to the big TV


That´s on you by now. You had enough time.