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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!


Nah, you learn their names in the first post.

To quote Ema,

:wink: So go read it!


I’ve worked out what I need, but haven’t collected one of the items yet. I know where to find it now.


No he´s right, he may be refering to me mentioning that they´re the killers.


Oh yeah, you’re right. Oops. :crazy_face:


Anyway, I wrote it so I can reveal whatever I want about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The good thing is… it works!
The bad thing… Even after reading the help I still can’t select verbs/objects as quickly as I used to. The whole bumper buttons is confusing. I am not sure if A or B or X is look at or default action. I am tempted to play it as if it was a :joystick: and 1987.


I tried that, but I think you´d need really tiny Trump hands for that to work.


Options -> Help -> Controller Tips / Controller Map?


Ah! I only read the controller tips, assuming the map was remapping.
I’ll need to get used to it …


I believe the map was one of the first post release updates.


Darn it, I want to help! Don’t finish it too soon!

I’m not reading all the threads on here while I’m in Mauritius by the way. Just posts I’m tagged in, and the travel thread. And some of this one because I got distracted :laughing:


Oh hiiii, @PiecesOfKate! :wave: :palm_tree:


:wave: :smiley: :parasol_on_ground::dancer:

:baby: :shark: :musical_note:


Release a horde of beavers?


Not quite right: You have to use termites of course.


But it’s much faster when using the right breed of beavers!


Don’t worry, I won’t! :smiley:

:hear_no_evil: :running_woman: :notes: RUN AWAY DO DOOOO DO DO DO DO!


Aaaaaaargh! :ear: :snake: :gun:


I have kept the complete installers for all those updates, so I could go back and play each version to find differences.


I suppose you could do that…
Or maybe follow William Shatner’s advice instead.