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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!


That counts as a lullaby? :thinking:

Anyway, it’s cool that you people are forgetting things from the game and so on. After a year of reading and listening to all the sentences in the game I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget anything :stuck_out_tongue:


If one whispers it :kissing: do do do


I’m pretty sure my daughters would begin dancing even if I whispered :stuck_out_tongue: now that’s an :ear::snake:


@PiecesOfKate, it turns out I had already figured out the solution! The real problem is that I must have been switching between save files, and used the wrong one (pre-solution) to go back to Clara… :sweat_smile:

I’m still stuck on the other two things. The lawyer has asked for something in particular, but I’m not sure where to look for it.

For the meeting, I just had the idea that the code on the flyer could be for the paths in the forest, but that didn’t work.


No, that isn’t going to work.
I’ll try to give some gradual hints (this puzzle is pretty hard for most people and I had the pleasure of having it completely spoiled for me by some comment on the blog/forum).

  1. where did you get that flyer?

  2. how many flyers where there?
  3. is it possible other people got a flyer too?

  4. have you seen other people in strange places… as if they are going to a seckrit meeting?

  5. perhaps they know where the secret venue is?

  6. you could try asking one of them?

  7. or you could try following them?

  8. Probably you lost their track, didn’t you?

  9. If only you had a way that you could follow their tracks more easily

  10. observe the path they take . No really, observe again and again. That is just one part of the puzzle. Then apply your adventure solving skills to it

  11. there is a reason the game takes place at night

  12. beside making it harder to SEE the tracks

  13. how cool would it be if the tracks were fluorescent

  14. unfortunately you don’t have any sproutella in this game <- this one is funny, if I may say so myself (you can read it without any context, but it is an incremental hint if you did read all the ones before)
  15. Look around in TWP universe for something else that may shine a light on the path to follow


That´s a bit too complicated. Think simpler.


she is going to have no problem with Monkey Island, though


It’s actually where you’d expect it to be. You may feel slightly embarrassed :slight_smile:


It can be found in disk #22, of course :stuck_out_tongue: