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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!


Heheh, I figured everyone would know Hard Mode inside-out by now. I’ll blur any references to puzzle solutions from now.

Yes, you have to do that, but you also have to remove and replace the tube in the PhoneTron just before every phone call. This puzzle isn’t in Casual Mode.


I think there is even a time window for the time it is reset. After that your call won´t get through again and you have to reset awnew.


Naw, I played the game once. I got started on the Ransome DLC but it wasn’t long enough ago. That’s more for in a couple of years really.


check back in 30 years


Interesting. Although it sounds a bit unlikely, we need to test this…


I´m sure I failed questions on Casual!


To make casual mode easier questions could be always the same which also makes using walkthroughs simpler.
And in normal mode you will be surprised by all those different questions.



Some of those questions were really difficult. I mean I´m all about the 80s and stuff but sports isn´t really my thing, so I struggled with those olympic gold medal winners.


The what? Maybe I’m already ready for another play through. Still haven’t tried out Ransome unbeeped.

While I do not remember answering any questions, I also do not remember getting stuck answering questions. Perhaps I got lucky.

Perhaps I need brain surgery …


Same here… makes me wonder if these were added in a patch later on. That or we are just so smart we didn’t even notice it.


I don’t remember anything about Olympic gold medal stuff and I was definitely late to the party. >_>


You guys those questions are random. The likelihood of getting them if you played the game only once is rather low.


I’m stuck! Because:

  • my cake is normal
  • the lawyer won’t help me
  • I can’t find the sekrit meeting (but I did get a flyer, and then a Betamax tape)

* rings the ForumTron 3000 *


I can’t remember the cake, but I am glad yours is normal :joy:
The lawyer… well… bend his arm
One of the objects you mention about the meeting is real, the other is a dead end/cut puzzle. From this I gather that whole piece got cut from the Casual mode? Wow!


Thank you for calling the ForumTron 3000. All calls may be monitored.

You mentioned not being able to find any ice cream. But maybe there’s another way you can create a cold treat for Clara. I give very vague hints because I don’t like accidentally spoiling stuff.


That’s exactly the kind of hint I was looking for! Thank you :blush:


So, did it help?


I was gonna go back into the game and think about how I could use the hint, but then I got distracted by the internet. And now I’m sleepy :sleeping:

The mystery of the cake shall be solved another day!


Aww. How about a lullaby :baby: :shark:


:sleeping: :thought_balloon: :shark: :notes: :crazy_face: