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Telltale in Trouble


It’s not a re-release. That’s the point. They forced to patch the game for everyone and half the music is gone. Also the Episodes from Liberty City are affected.


Oh that´s terrible. At least for Vice City they only removed the two Michael Jackson tunes for re-releases, but that sounds bad.


Manage your time accordingly, like invest the majority of your time into issues many will benefit from and a minority into individual customer support (at least as long as obvious issues are available). You try to make it sound so complicate but it’s not. You just need to start working. For instance many OS X issues (like before TWAU) are due to a security issue, where you can patch (lower) your security settings or workaround. This sounds easy to fix, one game after another.

I generally hesitate to attach mechanical devices to my systems anymore. I’m happy that the tape/floppy/dvd/laser/hd days are gone. But maybe you want to send me an USB-stick with the wanted games? I can access the cracks for those games but ideally there wouldn’t be a need for people to download cracks for games they already payed money for, right?!

Did TTG ever made a Steam like “We’ll make it DRM free if we ever shutdown.” statement?



I remember the same happening with Mafia (GOG), luckily the community fixed this right away.

How do you know there are OS X issues and anybody cares about? Oh right, you read and process/categorise all those messages they get every day.
Did I understand you correctly that you are volunteering for this job? Don’t worry, it’s easy and probably not even full time, you can just do it in your spare time.

Haha, I guess even before their (quasi) closure there was no one still working there who was able to build their older games. Now they have no resources at all to do this, get all the assets and code to compile, make the changes, deployments, tests, distribution etc.

LogicDeLuxe remembered something like that:


Because you run into the issue when using an up-to-date system.

I did not say it’s done in your spare time. I wrote that it’s doable (if they still own the sources).

Most probably it’s even easier than going to Mars.


Getting that yellow crystal and a makeshift space suit wasn’t easy indeed!


No, YOU run into these issue. Probably no one remaining at Telltale has played those older games for a long time, if ever. Why should they invest time and money into those old games most people haven’t even heard of?
Of course this isn’t something we, the customers, want to here, but that’s how it is.

Everything is possible. You don’t even need the source, everything can be reverse engineered. But I tell you: TTG won’t be the one.

Oh this is a good idea, here we have the solution: Somehow we have to persuade Elon that this is something important. Done.

When we are at it we need to tell him also to buy Monkey Island and Zak McKracken IPs from Disney to give them back to their creators.


Because you (= everyone, it’s deterministic) runs into the issue when using an up-to-date (it’s more than one OS X version already) system.

If they don’t want to support these games anymore, then they shouldn’t sell them as well.

On the other side they could figure out how to fix this issue afterwards apply the fix to many games. I know this will drive you crazy but this, if nothing terrible went wrong at ttg (like Strong Bad did the backups), is pretty easy to do.

Come on, you aren’t this dumb, you know this on your own.



Those are old games, they don’t sell many of those anymore anyway and during sales they had price reductions down to 10%. TTG won’t earn much from such sales.

Also the majority of gamers are Windows users and won’t even run into this particular problem you have described (unlike the Sam & Max bug LogicDeLuxe described, and they didn’t care about this at all).

I can see absolutely no motivation for TTG to invest any work into this.


I’m surprised that you are really discussing about (possible?) patches/bug fixes here. There might not even be the slightest scope for something like this. A company in such dire straits has other problems to solve. If they don’t realize enough profit with a new game, it’s the end of TTG.

I don’t know the actual situation at TTG, but, if a company is insolvent (I do not hope they really are, of course), it even has to follow strict rules relating to what to use its remaining resources for.


In case they shut down their homepage, it would be kind to at least give their customers GOG and/or Steam keys.
Bug fixes are another thing, of course. Certainly no one expects bugs to be fixed when a company is about to shut down.


There is indeed still hope for something like that. Maybe they will continue to publish their games as a mini company.
The Simon the Sorcerer series, for instance, is still available as well.


There is a big difference: Simon the Sorcerer was created by Adventure Soft.

They have created the IP, they own the IP, they care about their IP and they can and do publish their games by themselves.


Personally I don´t see much future for he availabilty of the Tell Tale games.

With them being solely movie and other non game IPs you´d have to find someone willing to pay enormous amounts of money for the renewal of the licences in the future and that wouldn´t mean a profit for them, they´d probably lose money on re-releases.

Just look at the Nintendo Mini or other consoles, or game collections, re-releases of older games in download stores. Exactly zero of them have movie/comic/novel licencened games in them and I think I heard people already predict this will most likely never happen. They just don´t see it´s worth to pay cover those costs for the limited audience a re-release will have.

All those games don´t have much of a future for that reason.


I am not familiar with their contracts, but, even though they don’t own the IPs, they still have the right to publish these games. And, even if TTG gets shut down entirely, these rights might get sold to another company, which would intend to use them. So, the most popular TTG games will most probably stay available then.

Good point. Seeing how many people already own these games due to sales, it may be not lucrative enough. :confused:


They may have distribution rights for a limited time only.
Try and buy their Wallace & Gromit games for example (rights expired 2014).


Monkey Island is a video game IP, though. :wink:


Yeah that being the only one. Also Purcell may be a bit more lenient with Sam & Max. But that´s about it I think.


The current situation isn’t satisfying. I wouldn’t want to ‘leave’ something this way.

I have a different mindest towards work (and to some degree expect this from others as well).