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Telltale in Trouble


Thanks! I remember it did not work right off the bat and I came across similar things and tips to make it work; but not this tool. I play it in a windowed mode now, which is fine. Not sure if the Steam version, which I have, offers the non-upgraded/patched versions.


TTG’s seven finest moments:

Bone - The Big Cow Race
Sam & Max - Bright Side of The Moon
Sam & Max - Chariots of the Dogs
Tales of Monkey Island - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
Sam & Max - The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
Nelson Tethers - Puzzle Agent
The Wolf Among Us - Faith


I agree with that. It’s clearly the best ToMI episode.
…Maybe the only good one though. :thinking:
However I really enjoyed that episode! It felt to me as if the prior episodes actually had been just the introduction of all the characters from this particular episode.


I don’t know the exact date when they upgraded it, but you may give this guide a try:
Steam has access to archived versions for several years by now, but not from the beginning on.
Of course, your best bet would be any DVD versions of those games. All download versions are probably upgraded by now.
The new version can be instantly spotted by the loading screen which they originally introduced in season 3. It also has bundled resources instead of hundreds of files, and a shared folder for the settings.

That would fix DirectX incompatibilities in many cases indeed. There is even a tool to make windows borderless fullscreen, which is really useful in some games:


Each episode features at least a good moment and some nice puzzle (1: Marquis de Singe’s lab, 2: puzzeling with LeChuck, 3: possesing the Voodoo Lady 5: doing stuff in ghost/zombie mode) but The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood a.o. offers all the fun in Club 41, the darker mood, better writing and more drive.

It would be fun to visit the Club in VR. Actually a couple of games could benefit from a VR spectator mode (if the scenes are modeled accordingly), like standing in front of Bugeye.


So, according to ttg, there still might be a chance to get TWD finished.

Without knowledge about the details (numbers, liabilities and stuff) you can’t say, if this could be a valid option, but I wonder if they thought about firing up a major sales package (like they already did before this got public) on each platform. This way people who might be scared that they won’t get certain games anymore as well as people who just want to support them, could contribute. There is a fair chance that this could gather enough traction, to help financing the dev of the last remaining TWD episodes *. Maybe they already plan mid term with such resources, investors’ plans look different …

  • And fix the issues their (old) games have these days.


That’s really really really sad. Even Disney didn’t fall so low when they pulled the plug on Lucasarts.

The comments on Twitter can be summarised in two categories: angry people who’d rather see the ex-employees get a severance package (first) and teens who are so excited about this as if Christmas is coming early this year.

In the end neither of them will get what they’re hoping for. :angry:


Due to Pete Hawley TTG does still exist.

Contacting support on the other side results to:

Thank you for contacting Telltale Games Support. Unfortunately as of September 21st 2018, we can no longer offer support for our games. We apologize for the difficulty this causes you.

We have greatly enjoyed our time together. Thank you for playing our games.

Best Regards,
Telltale Support

Now does the TTG-DRM-service work anymore?

Because if it stopped working already and you don’t have the games installed on your machine, that’s about it.

Which leaves the options a) never ever change this running system, b) you’re a master of backups, c) Steam, d) you own the DVD, can find it, it’s in a good shape and you still own an ancient DVD drive, e) you own a happy cracked version. This is why cracks (if DRM free versions aren’t available) are awesome.

  1. It was still working some days ago when I posted that message.
  2. Cracks already worked before 21st so… :man_shrugging: I see no problem fixing a game when a company gives me a broken one. And it doesn’t matter it that company/servers still exist or not.


I think if they shut down support with an unfinished business remaining, no one (like a lot less, I guess) will buy content from them again. It’s a rather stupid decision if you’re interested in long term relationships with your customers (also from the position of a new company).


They are broke in the short term so I guess they have other problems than thinking about long term relationships with customers.

But they do have quite some games out there. I wonder if the studio can survive with a small crew and maybe get up again.


If you can finance 25 people, you can finance 26 as well. And when the situation is tough, things like support or communication are essential, the goodwill of people can be worth a lot. You meet people more than once in your life time.

A problem in this respect is, that TTG mostly did not create their own IPs.

Btw. some leaked material of their Stranger Things stuff. With Riccitiello on board probably done with Unity.


OK, now we’ve got one to manage the non-existing support team.

And in such case you can say to them: “Sorry you’ve lost your job back then at TTG.”

This is true. But you need those IPs only to create new games, they can keep selling their already created ones as long as the licenses allow it.

I’ve heard this year they are switching to Unity and ditching their in-house engine.


I disagree and believe in what I wrote before. At this size, you want a worker, not a queen, for support. In order to sell those old games, they must a) work (support needed due to ongoing changes on all platforms alone) and b) you must offer support (guess what?!).

@Unity, it would be interesting to know if they jumped right into ECS&Jobs or went the old skool way (which I suspect). These eyes are creepy. Since when do monsters all look the same (Stranger Things, A Quiet Place, I can’t remember the name of the other movie right now)? The end of Annihilation was refreshing.


They don’t have a couple of customers. They have millions. How could one poor lad keep up with the volume, especially right now after such an announcement?


In their early days, you could talk to the team about everything on the forum. They were very supportive.

Why ancient? Any brand new DVD or BD drive should do.

But there are DRM free versions available. You can still get them on GOG. (And let’s hope they stay there for future adventurers to come).


For millions of customers you don’t need millions of people. There is a difference between offering only a few resources on support and zero and yes you should better start support today, there are a number of things you could fix.

I haven’t had a physical drive since … many years.

a) GOG doesn’t offer Mac ports and b) you would need to buy the games again.


It would be useless. Also are we talking about responding to customers or actually doing something like fixing bugs in games? The latter would be totally out of scope.

You talked about one which is completely impossible. But even a couple may not be enough. How do you expect them to handle this volume? They probably had a hard time keeping up before this incident.
Have you ever received hundreds of emails per day, every day?

I’ve bought a portable external BD USB drive in case I want to read something. They are cheap and in case you need one et voilà: rip the CD/DVD/BD and be done with it.

That’s unfortunately true for most of their games on GOG I care about.
The only exceptions are Puzzle Agent (but the first one only!) and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Not for all (especially the older ones). Also I wonder if it’s a normal thing to have time limited distribution rights for selling such games (Wallace & Gromit expired in 2014).


Unfortunately, it is very common to have time limited licenses for 3rd party property, the IP’s in telltale’s case. If the game is based on a licensed IP, then the game is gone. There are many examples when they just patched licensed property away, which just happened recently to Pinball Arcade where you can’t buy the Williams and Bally tables anymore. Or to the stadiums DLC in Cities: Skylines.
Usually, this only affects new customers, but sometimes, like in GTA IV, they just patched away half of the music for everyone for the game’s 10th anniversary.

This issue is not exclusive to video games, but also an annoying issue for movies, TV shows, audio dramas etc…


Holy shit, isn´t that like now? Must have missed that they re-released it.