Thank you H.P. Lovecraft!

Oh good, so all cats die a horrible death? :smirk_cat:

Guys, that text I linked above takes five minutes to read at most. No more comments from me.

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Enjoyed that! Karma indeed.

Sadly there’s currently a notorious ‘cat killer’ going around mutilating cats in areas near where we live :frowning: I wish someone would put a curse on them!

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I read “The Outsider” and while that one has been made into a movie already (Castle Freak in 1995) I think this very short story could make for an interesting casual game (which seemingly hasn´t been done yet): (read before clicking my spoilers)

I picture a first-person “escape the room” kind of situation where you have to leave your own personal confinement and reach the upper parts of the castle and finally complete the game by crashing the party and looking into the mirror to see your own hideous monster face.

Well now this looks interesting, now! Hope they finally come out with a releae date soon!

Wohoo, five minutes of mostly unedited gameplay footage without commentary!

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Nice ambience. It also seems they are going to have some type of character progression system. Promising.

Yeah I had strong doubts they were serious about basing it on the original pen and paper game and would just deliver another Outlast like hide and seek Surival Horror Game. But it seems they go through with it, heavy on investigating and character building and not so much on actual combat, just the way it should be!

When I started this thread months ago I couldn´t yet claim that I´ve read every single thing Lovecraft has written.

Now I can. I read every short story, novella and the short novel collected in the big volume photographed above.

And now I can say…

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! :fish:
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn!


Sadly google translate does not have an option for Cthulu yet…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So I’m just going to guess you’re saying:
Turn your computer off and go to sleep (with the fishes).



Or more precisly “the deep ones”! :wink:

It would be hilarious though if google would translate that actually.

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:grimacing: so how did you take that scene in The Shape Of Water?

Yeah, I struggled with that a bit! Also with her reaction - sure, you’ve met a sexy next-generation creature, but you could’ve shed a bloody tear!

What did you think of the film?

Overall I liked it. But I´m always torn about any Del Torro films, which always look great but sometimes are a bit messy. This one I enjoyed because it was a rather simple story and the focus was more clear. I liked the little references to the ups and downs of the 60s while the overall story was more of a timeless fairytale. And I really got a kick out of the sign language “fuck you” scene. The audience had the biggest issues with the cat scene and obviously even more with the scene where Michael Shannon´s character pulls his foul fingers off (someone screamed during that).

I thought it was good but like you said, just a straightforward fairytale. And a concept that’s been done a lot. I was surprised it got so many awards.

I liked that bit too but had seen it in a trailer, which was annoying as it ruined the impact.

I LOVED that bit!

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Yeah, I thought it was well deserved that the Oscar for screenplay went to Get Out. That one was a lot more original and had more thrilling twists and turns.

I heard they did that, makes me glad I hadn´s seen it.

October 30th, yay! :octopus:


I’m not sure if you already know about the new Kickstarter campaign about “Mountains of Madness”, the second game of the Chronicle of Innsmouth Saga:

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I didn´t know Neil Gaiman wrote a Cthulhu short story! It is called “I, Cthulhu” it is very very short and hilarious! :joy:
It picks up on all the unspoken sides of the Mythos while at the same time summing up all the beats for beginners surprisingly well!

Check the fullsize thing below.


Don’t know where to put this, so I post it here. :slight_smile:

“The story is in its original text, with no edits.” … and it has pixel graphics! :slight_smile: