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The 2018 what are we playing thread


I’m sorry, obviously it was meant as a joke, I’m in a great mood today.

If it helps, dying is an inevitable part of our lifes (at least it’s still true for our generations), the older you get, the more people around you will die. You need to find your own way how to deal with it best. Good luck!


No worries, I was obviously quoting something you don´t know! :wink:

But thanks anyway! :smiley:


Back to Unforeseen Incidents – I’m very distracted by something on this screen! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Please say it’s not just me…


Well, I see what looks like a record cover (?) that has a censored photo of a rather well hung guys weiner. But surely that´s not what you mean.


Wow, er… goodness, this is awkward…

Glad it’s not just me.


Yes, it’s true…


Generally: What’s awkward about it (apart from the censorship)?

Specifically: You could interpret it as a reference to the indiestrolche calendar.

You might want to relax at the beach (there’s a nice tune too).


I was just joking that Milan was being ruder than me :slight_smile:

Is that a game hint?


Do you need a game hint?


I kinda felt invited to be! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not yet :slight_smile:



I’ve been playing Unavowed. It’s well executed and it has a sufficiently entertaining fantasy story. There’s some reasonably interesting choice stuff there that doesn’t pan out until the end of the game.

Apparently the game doesn’t allow you to take screenshots. I wanted to post one of not being able to create a 50th save slot.


Hadn’t played anything the past 4 weeks, so about time I got back into it. With all the folks here talking about Unforeseen Incidents, it seemed like a worthy candidate for the last game of 2018.

Absolutely adore the art. More a comic book vibe and not the typical cartoony look. The first part has me running back and fro a bit too much so far, but at last I made it to the quarantine center. So there’s progress …

Favourite quote so far: “Come on, Harper. It’s just point and click. A total idiot could do it!”


Yay, another fan!

I still need to finish it. Was aiming for it to be my last game of 2018, but not looking very likely now!


You still have 26 hours or so … :wink:


True, though only about four of those are useable unless I want to get fired :laughing:


The rest is for getting drunk, right?


Well, 2018 is almost over. This year I managed to play:

  • Milkmaid of the Milky Way.
  • The Darkside Detective (I almost completed it, I must only finish the 9th case).
  • Octavi’s Midnight Scenes (only the 1st one, The Highway)
  • Octavi’s The Librarian.

This year I could spend very little time playing games. I hope 2019 is better in that aspect. Maybe if I spent less time reading forums and more time playing games :joy:


Look at my forum stats. then look at my list of played games above. Both is possible. Though in retrospect I have no idea how! :crazy_face:


Oh no! Toilet paper is the wrong way round, and it doesn’t have an option to correct it. What a bad start into 2019 …