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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Uh oh… Was I not supposed to pick it up? Or just after I get robbed, maybe?


I’m surprised so few people got this achievement:



No, it’s relevant for the dark room:

The orange problem happened, when you mix the developer and put the substance (consisting of coffee and the added baking powder) into the pot but without the orange (ascorbic acid), because then you’re unable to put the orange into the pot and you also can’t return the liquid into the cup, in order to add it there, because it’s gone. So, no developer, no possibility to finish the riddle, game over, load a saved game.


I see. Thanks, I’m grateful for the heads-up! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I guess I dodged the bullet there. My first instinct was to mix it all in the pot, but when that didn’t work I just mixed it all in the coffee cup. And I was surprised I didn’t have to cut the orange.



After the micromanagement with the fire and the tea, I expected that I needed to cut the orange and press some juice out of it (maybe even filter it). Just dropping an unpeeled orange into the cup seemed rather inconsistent. I couldn’t get this working, so I played around, a.o. tried to fill only the coffee into the pot (which got rejected) then added the powder and then it worked … except for the orange). On the bright side you got the nice comment for the red lamp.


The first thing you mentioned was basically just irksome, although not so much because of the micro-management as due to the forced backtracking. That being said, the micro-management was also a lot more annoying than it would’ve been in, say, TWP due to the game’s interface.

Regarding dodging the bullet, for the caffenol I had a straightforward concept of cut the orange, and squeeze it through the strainer that’s in the cabinet with the dishes. I searched and tried various other possibilities before I landed on “what the heck, let’s just see what happens if I toss the whole orange in there.” :wink:


Yeah from a design perspective it wasn’t perfect but you didn’t need walk around too much and the scenes were nice anyway.

No worries, btw. I thought you had finished the game already.


Life Is Strange feels like Ghost World meets Donnie Darko. The dialogue is super cringy at times but the writing in general is top notch.

Does any of that seem to make any sense? :crazy_face:


I just solved a very easy puzzle that felt rather unnecessary. Of course it was easy to get the ID if only because it was the same puzzle as earlier with the donuts, but why didn’t I have one already? You know, taken from the guy I’m impersonating, whose stuff I stole?

But um, apparently I’ve reached some savegame limit of 30. Grmbl. Oh well, at least we had three times as many saves as in TWP I guess.


Finished episode 3 of Life Is Strange. :cry:

Also the stats at the end of the game tell me that all my decisions are super lameo mainstream.

Oh my goodness, that language of this game is influencing me! :flushed:


And the requisite notes. I kept writing down far too much til the bitter end.


You use many pages. I didn’t make any notices for this one but normally I’m fine with one paper (including sketches). I like using 2-3 different colors though. So, what do you think? It was nice from the game, that it allowed you to look at your stuff, whilst a riddle was in close-up.

In my opinion the end was weak and rushed (like many game endings), I guess they ran out of resources (the DFA could have had a pleasing end with so much more and also TWP’s end wasn’t satisfying). Did you get the riddle with the indoctrination? It took some time to get into the game but the middle part was very enjoyable and also defines my feelings towards the game. The game has its obvious flaws but it’s a good, unique adventure nonetheless. Nice music, graphics, main character and some witty comments. I did not expect such a good adventure after TWP so soon. It would be great, if there could be one good adventure a year.


Unforeseen Incidents is a solid game with great looks and forgivable flaws.

Wrt indoctrination, by “get” you mean “fully understand” then no, but if you mean if I noticed that thinking about it made him start shouting the relevant term first with the rest randomized then yes. Also I assume the order was correct the first time in chapter 2 and then again the first time you thought about it.

A few days ago, I also checked out my Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC, The Pillar “challenge tomb.” It was disappointing. Every jump seemed to come with tension drums or snares, there were a handful of wind-centric barely even puzzles that would have been amusing enough as a warm-up to the real tomb, but it turned out to be the meat. It was fairly sizeable and it didn’t look too bad, but this was a stark contrast to the excellent Baba Yaga DLC for Rise. The Pillar felt more like some ideas that were rejected as not quite good enough to make the main game.

Regarding good adventure this year, how about Unavowed? I haven’t played it, but I hear it’s good. I seem to keep acquiring these Wadjet Eye games in sales, but I haven’t actually gotten around to any of them yet. (As an aside, Primordia, published by Wadjet Eye, is currently on sale on GOG for less than € 2. I thought it was excellent.)


I did not finish Unavowed. The puzzles weren’t fun and the rest was off. Apart from a few nice moments in Blackwell, so far, Wadjet Eye’s games don’t offer, what I enjoy in adventures. Maybe one or two of the upcoming adventure (like) games will be good (or Kate has another idea).


Continuing on with Life Is Strange today. Can´t wait to see what it has in store for me after that emotioal gutpunch at the end of episode 3. :cry:


Well, my reactions to recent events:


Finished Life Is Strange and now it´s raining on my face. :sob:


Why don’t you close your windows then?


It’s because I’m thinking about a friend of mine who you don’t know who is dying That’s right, dying.