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The 2020 what are we playing thread

Indeed. Simon 2 was one of the first games with full voiceover and the whole data had to fit on one CD. The DOTT voices sounded crappy too.

I played it back then and I hadn’t that impression. AFAIR the game was very funny. But I was young :wink: so maybe I wouldn’t say the same after replaying it. :slight_smile:

Hint: Don’t play Simon the Sorcerer 3D :wink:

Ask me again in 2029. I have both games in my GOG library, next to many others.


No, but I might be able to move them up the queue. You didn’t really make me want to though. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t played StS2 in a long time. I did play the first one recently though and this one was still great.

It’s not that bad, but what it really needs is a speedhack. All that running around and backtracking gets old quickly.
Hm, the game uses the Unreal engine as far as I remember, so it wouldn’t be impossible to mod it…

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I really can’t remember anything about the story. :joy:

And better graphics. Even back then they looked awful.

But you have to be careful: There was at least one “event” where you had to run to several checkpoints within a given timeframe. And the “bridge” could also be a problem.

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I read how awful Simon’s character was in a review back in the day and thought naaa… I’m sure they are overreacting. Few years later I played the gama and yep… So, I haven’t played it lately but I’m sure my opinion would be even more harsh now. I remember liking Simon 1 but I bet it didn’t age gracefully as well.

I don’t agree, I still like it. He might be right about StS2 though.

And I’m sure 25 years ago I would have laughed and thought no more of it. O the innocence of youth! :smile:.

I replayed a bit of it a year or two ago and I didn’t get the same bad vibes. I don’t recall anything from the first time I played it, though.

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Hold up, this is running on the same engine as Unreal, the game’s that’s basically about fancy lighting effects?

No, Wikipedia says that Simon 3D is using the NetImmerse Engine.

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I installed Simon 1.

So first impressions:

  1. 50 minute intro sequence.

Didn’t get around to playing yet due to the length of the intro sequence.

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Which version are you watching playing? The “remastered” one?

Igitt! as they say in German.

I mean, look at this… there’s all kinds of filters I can enable in ScummVM if I want to. Which for the record I don’t, except for x3/x4 or whatever insofar as you can call that a filter, and the weirdest part is most of them would look better! (If still worse than no filter.)

I bought all three games[*] in March of 2018 for less than the price of one 25th anniversary edition, which was quite fortuitous as it turns out.

[*] Apparently a fourth was also on GOG for a brief spell in 2015.


The only good thing about the anniversary edition is that it includes the original as a “bonus”. Though I don’t quite understand why they won’t sell them separately.

But seeing that screenshot, abysmal filter notwithstanding, I have to say the interface is so much nicer than that of StS2. Whoever thought replacing the verbs with nondescript icons was a good idea was wrong.

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When I first played Indy3 on Steam a few* years ago, I was impressed with the much smoother graphics and more rounded (and accentuated drawing style than I remembered the game from playing it back when. Much like in that screenshot of StS.
It was only after I finished it and added it to launch from my native ScummVM installation (which only had X4 or so), I realised it wasn’t my memory playing tricks on me, but a super strange HD filter they (Steam) had enabled by default.
Of course I played the game once more in “pixel perfect” mode right after!

* probably over 10 years by now

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One thing I just noticed is that when the window is only about a quarter the size of my screen or less (like the screenshot appears in my forum post), the filter doesn’t look half bad. So on my phone or a Switch perhaps it might work.

It doesn’t have a simple setting switch btw?

Indy3 has simpler graphics. I imagine such a filter would work better on it. :slight_smile:

Well, I admit that I don’t like these filters at all and especially the “rounded” shapes. But maybe that is because I played the games in pixel mode first… :slight_smile:

You could also say “less bad” but to each their own. :slight_smile:

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It might have, but as I went straight for the one bundled up with ScummVM for Linux I cannot say for sure.

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Played LUNA The Shadow Dust. It’s nicely done, but in the end felt a bit unremarkable. Perhaps the decision to tell the story non-verbally, without other characters to interact with and mostly through flashbacks made it a somewhat quiet and contemplative experience.

Gameplay wise it reminds me of multiple games; a bit of Gorogoa, Myst, the Fairyland chapter from Chains of Satinav, but also parts that felt rather unique. Puzzle complexity gradually increases, and by the time they get a bit tricky the game is essentially over. Given that one cutscene remained locked after completing the game, I think there might be two different endings.

Apropos cutscenes: aside from one or two less than stellar digital effects, they are gorgeous. (Their style also reminds me of communist propaganda, though I haven’t figured out what exactly evokes that feeling. The content is something that could have come from Studio Ghibli, though. I definitely like them!)

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