The (adventure) games on sale thread

Any pointers? :slight_smile:

Getting the Space Quest Trilogy for 2.19 as we speak!


Where should I begin?
What about the SCUMM games - even incl. Pajama Sam - or the Sierra games, Legend of Kyrandia and Star Trek? :wink:


I just bought Toonstruck.


Huh, I hadn’t spotted those, but now I notice that if you click that “browse” button you can actually filter. Spoiler: I don’t like the new GOG layout.

Anyway, of course I already own (almost) all of those so my question was ill-conceived. And when I don’t, chances are my wife does.

Are the Star Trek games worthwhile?

I already complained to them about the new browsing UI (no list view, no result count, filters missing [in library; DLCs; …])

Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek™: Judgment Rites (70% off)? I love them!

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Me too! They have the worst controls ever!

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Go on? :wink:

Yes, it would be a whole lot easier to just filter out the stuff I already own instead of that tiny banner thingy. I think the same problem existed previously but at least they were grayed out?

I think previously it said owned instead of the price so it was easy to catch.
Now you always see the price and have to look out for this in library tag somewhere.

That is the way it works for the Playstation Network Store. Which is good so that way I don´t even see those discounts for games I played full price for!

You could even hover over this part and it would display the current price if you really wanted to know (also you can re-buy it as gifts).

I don’t know why people always have the urge to change UIs just for the sake of it…


I’ve nothing against change if it actually makes devices*, software or websites easier to use, but lately UIs seem to be getting worse. Maybe we’ve reached peak UI a few year back, and it’s going downhill ever since.
* Same thing with my mother’s new landline phone. Same brand as the old one, but she says the UI is atrocious.

I think part of the problem might be that money has to be made. Much of MS Office was already borderline perfect a very long time ago, but it’s less sexy to sell “almost exactly the same as before, just with some bug fixes and performance improvements” than “now with stupid ribbons!”

(Although I’ll give MS that the vast majority of imitators missed virtually all of the niceties that make ribbons mostly okay.)

What I like is that they have moved away from extremely “fancy” UI (unnecessary transparency, round corners and shadows everywhere etc.) to a more straight and clean one with more simple icons rather then colourful ones.
But looking at a current version of Chrome it seems like it’s swinging back already…

But it’s often too “clean,” although I’m mostly bothered that everything takes more clicks and actions in Windows 10. I looks superficially similar to Windows 3, which sounds good, but Windows 3 cleverly avoids many of Windows 10’s mistakes.

Chrome has always looked atrocious.

Pardon, I forgot which topic we’re in.

I picked up Aviary Attorney on Steam for €5.

I splurged another € 1.50 or something on the OST. Now I can’t figure out how to actually download an OST from Steam. Or maybe it’s that I can’t download the game itself from Linux, so neither the system-agnostic OST? Which would be stupid, but right up Steam’s alley.

Edit: this should work:

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Yeah, it’s steam keys… but at so low prices… (plus the Scumm ones are DRM free anyway) (2 games for €3.75) (4 games for €2.60)
Plus you get an additional 10% with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY10

Just posting for those people here who don’t own these yet.


Several adventure games are on sale on GOG this week (for example the Syberia series):

I wish they´d tell you for how long like they do on the PSN store. Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday most likely ends today (with cyber monday).

“Hidden Folks” is 10% off on itch:

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