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The (adventure) games on sale thread


Me neither. But I
a) buy the games and then I haven’t the/enough time to play them. For example I’ve bought TWP for Android to play it during a long train ride. But that train ride wasn’t necessary.
b) often get games in bundles that I won’t play (or it’s unlikely that I will play them).
c) would like to support the developers.
d) buy the games during a sale and play them later (especially in the upcoming holiday season).


Well at least you got a plan laid out that you will eventually get to it seems.


Milkmaid of the Milky Way is 50% off in all stores.
Not that this would change anything, we all bought it already a long time ago, right?


The Lion’s Song, another great adventure game -40% (but not the GOG version):


It looks interesting, did you play it already?


Gog has a Halloween Sale too (with several adventure games, for example Firewatch, Night in the Woods, Fran Bow, Black Mirror, …). This link jumps to the page with the sale:


Which one? I mean yes, both are great!

Don’t expect hardcore puzzles in The Lion’s Song, it’s more of a visual novel.
Visually I love both games. I’m actually sad that Mattis Folkestad (Milkmaid of the Milky Way) won’t do 2D pixel art in his next game(s).


On Steam there are Forgotton Anne (the Collector’s Edition as well) and All You Can Eat on sale.
Both games feature hand-drawn contents!


Harvester is on GOG for 1.49$. This is a very controversial game, lots of people think it’s shit, personally I love it. Just few years ago when I thought nothing ever will shake me, it became my favourite post MI2 adventure game. It’s not really a classic horror, it doesn’t try to be scary that much. It’s very weird and disturbing though.


Obligatory LGR review:


The Daedalic games are on sale again on GOG for this weekend.


For a dollar (and only a few hours):


In case my absolutely objective description of Memoria has any of you burning to give it a try, it’s now on sale for €1,99 at the Humble store, DRM free no less.


There is a huge sale on GOG again, including several great adventure games.


Any pointers? :slight_smile:


Getting the Space Quest Trilogy for 2.19 as we speak!


Where should I begin?
What about the SCUMM games - even incl. Pajama Sam - or the Sierra games, Legend of Kyrandia and Star Trek? :wink:


I just bought Toonstruck.


Huh, I hadn’t spotted those, but now I notice that if you click that “browse” button you can actually filter. Spoiler: I don’t like the new GOG layout.

Anyway, of course I already own (almost) all of those so my question was ill-conceived. And when I don’t, chances are my wife does.

Are the Star Trek games worthwhile?

Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek™: Judgment Rites - hints, opinions

I already complained to them about the new browsing UI (no list view, no result count, filters missing [in library; DLCs; …])

Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek™: Judgment Rites (70% off)? I love them!

Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek™: Judgment Rites - hints, opinions