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The (adventure) games on sale thread

Dont worry its normal for the name :When you make an update of your game on you can’t change the namefile, that’s why it’s called beta :slight_smile: Cheers ! Ghetto team


Huh, that’s annoying. I absolutely love how on GOG I can grab any version.

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However, double checking it’s unclear to me how to do it these days without Galaxy…? I distinctly seem to recall being able to download multiple versions through the web GUI.

On Steam it seems to be possible with some legwork.

Of course if you want something you should store the GOG installer yourself, but still… :-/

That’s what I always do!
On 8934 3.5” disks no less…


Ion Fury only needs about a 100. :wink:

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is on sale for less than € 3 on GOG.

On the one hand you just just have to see this game. It’s absolutely stunning and gorgeous, if a little static. On the other hand I kind of lost interest after solving a few puzzles, mainly due to the autosave feature. Iirc it only saves doing the whole puzzle or something along those lines which makes it very annoying to have to quit. (Something I very much appreciate about TWP; save & quit, done.) Also there’s a lot of walking, even if it’s through (mostly) gorgeous environs. I guess that’s what people call a walking simulator.

So I’m not entirely sure I’d recommend it, but on the flipside I did upgrade to the special edition for the artbook & music a while back. Make of that what you will. :wink:

Also there’s this weird thing where you have to get a Redux edition code from the game on GOG as opposed to it just being made available, unless that changed.

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Thank you for mentioning this. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while.

1 Like Only 1 day left for the 50%off on ! :wink: Lots of characters in a crazy town… :wink:


Animation Arts Collection on GOG is on sale for just 8.09€ (-80%).
It contains the following point’n’click adventure games:


Never heard of it, any good?

The only game of those I played was Secret Files: Tunguska, on the Nintendo DS. I don’t recall anything particularly bad about it. But it wasn’t gripping enough to pick up any of the other installments afterwards. In fact, I hardly remember what it was about and how it ended. Something esoteric in Russia.

I have been kind of curious about Lost Horizon in the past, but not enough to actually buy it. But with 6 games for 10€, I might bite have bitten.


I enjoyed Lost Horizon. Tunguska has been on my point and click adventure wish list for a while. Lost Horizon was entertaining and the puzzles were OK. The storyline was interesting with lots of different locations. There was some pixel hunting, but it wasn’t annoying enough to stop me from finishing. I went ahead and got this deal.


For this price it’s a no brainer!

If there is only interest in Lost Horizon series there is also the Lost Horizon Double Pack for 5 EUR (-75%).

The “first” games are better than the later ones. For example “Secret Files 1: Tunguska” is much better than “Secret Files 3”. And even the first games in a series are only “good” and not outstanding adventures games. But if you like Indiana Jones type of adventures it’s likely that you will like these games too. And IMHO the six games are worth 8 Euros - but not 40 Euros.

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Depends on what you mean by that, but I did enjoy Fate of Atlantis.

If you like Fate of Atlantis then you should give the games from Animation Arts a go. :slight_smile: They aren’t as good as FoA, but worth a play.


There are a bunch of adventure games on sale on GOG for the next two days:

And a bundle on


Are those games worth a buy?

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Yeah guys, they’re all good.

Bertram Fiddle has great writing (very funny) and great graphics… very good voiceover. the author is an illustrator. good puzzles. (Actualy I’ve played the second one, and only briefly the first one, but it’s the same). The second one is not as easy as they say.

Clam man has the funniest writing… a masterpiece in writing. The part with Bosman had me roll on the floor, seriously. The guy’s a genius. Also the scenes with the sandbags and the mafioso guys are great. Though, I hear it does not have real puzzles. His references are Tarantino, Guy Ritchie (snatch), Arrested Development, Chinatown. (he says this in his interview, in the latest adventure games podcast episode)

I’ve started “yet another hero story” and it has nice Monkey Island vibes. Feels polished. definitely worth it.

Legend of Hand is very good and very original. A nice blend of puzzles and story. The author is a guarantee. (Shaun Aitcheson, the same of Sumatra and Football game).

Beard in the Mirror: I’ve finished it, and it has nice puzzles and a nice Sierra feel. Not a short game at all.

Captain disaster: I’ve played only 20 minutes, and feels like a nice blend of Zak and Space Quest . Puzzle oriented, just as I like them. :slight_smile: Not sure about the humor yet.

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