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The (adventure) games on sale thread


When I played it the first time I chose a difficulty setting which doesn’t allow saving at will.
I didn’t want to restart the game so I wrote a script which rotated the save game when quitting the game.




Hashtag but they’re all basically rotated the same except maybe for that last one… :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to laugh when I read the discount, they offer on TWP’s DLC.

Ransome’s swearing DLC, hmm, did you know about Atlas swearing mod (with profanity filter)? No reason to fear robots anymore.


Today’s sale is very adventury again!

Adventure platformers:

Also Disney The Lion King and The Incredible Machine Mega Pack are must haves.

I haven’t played TRON 2.0 but the game being from Monolith (stupid f$%@ing license/IP bullsh&t!) means another must buy.


What about those top reviews that the game is broken? Outdated?


Which one do you mean? You seem to have other top reviews than me.
But I can tell you the change logs from 2016 to now accumulate to about 500 lines.


Yoku’s Island Express on GOG is 50% off.
A beautiful looking metroidvania with… pinball mechanics. :exploding_head:


Do Not Feed the Monkeys was released on GOG with 30% off.
A game about valueing the privacy of monkeys… not.

It’s not an adventure but a simulation game, made by Fictiorama Studios (creators of Dead Synchronicity which is 70% off).


Tron 2 was a nice game for its time but nothing more than this as well.

There will be more sales in the future.


SOMA is currently for free on GOG, but I am unable to get it into my cart on the GOG site. Is there someone able to get it?

BTW, they decreased the discount on TWP to 40 %. It’s still a bargain, I think.


I just clicked the banner, which said SOMA (cute in Finnish, btw) is free, and the banner said “Success!”.


Yeah, you have to do it at the top of the homepage.

I started that but couldn’t get into it, btw. Not entirely sure why. It looks decent enough and it seems to mostly tick the right boxes.


I installed GOG Galaxy and it worked there. :slight_smile:
Via a browser, it still hadn’t worked for whatever reason. When I had clicked on “claim it”, nothing happened. I even tried it on different devices. Well, so be it…
However, thank you!


If a game doesn’t show up in your account on the web you could try this link:


All Larry games for 1.99


Darn, I recently spent a lot more on the whole Larry shebang on GOG. (It wasn’t much by any means but still a whole lot more.)


GOG has a sale on “the best adventure games”. I’m translating this from Polish, so maybe something was lost in translation originally, because most of these are crap, games I’ve not heard about and Syberia.
Are there any gems in there? I’m not into Deadalic stuff or anything full of Myst-type puzzles (like the utterly disappointing Still Life).


That pretty much removes everything I played from the list :slight_smile:. But lets see:

  • Unforeseen Incidents (about half the forum must have played this by now, me included, so it can’t be too bad)
  • AER - Memories of Old Okay, that one’s been published by Daedalic, but it’s nothing like any of their Point & Click adventures. It must have the best bird flight mechanics in gaming history. Gameplay is exploration with a few light puzzles and platforming.
  • Lamplight City Bought that some time ago, but have not yet played it. Shouldn’t be too bad, though.
  • Kim A game that piqued my interest, but so far I haven’t picked it up played it.
  • Forgotton Anne Beautiful art style, an okay story, but more or less only one type of puzzle and a bit of platforming, so to me it felt longer than it actually was.

For everyone else: get Memoria! :smile:.


Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins has some interesting visual design. It might be worth taking a look at even if it’s not great as a game. I never actually made it to the second CD-ROM though.

I’m half-tempted to buy it again since my CDs are at my parents’ place.

Anyway, the obvious gems are Unforeseen Incidents and Syberia.

I already did in one of the previous sales.