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The (adventure) games on sale thread


Unforseen Incidents seems like a must and I admit Memoria seems interesting (maybe I’ll change my mind on Deadalic?). I was looking at Lamplight earlier and judging by reviews it’s like a Wadjet Eye game written by Dave Gilbert, so not really my thing.

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What have you played from Deadalic so far?


I played Deponia and I saw some footage from their stuff, that was obviously not my kind of thing, most recently Ken Follet game.


If you are considering that one, you might want to give Chains of Satinav a look as well, as it is “part 1”, so to speak. It’s a bit darker than Memoria, with a less elaborate plot. On the plus side, one particular chapter features the (in my book) best puzzles of any Daedalic game. Having played Chains before Memoria will also make one decision at the end of latter a bit more meaningful. Otherwise it’s not strictly required.

Yeah, that one could easily pass as a Wadjet Eye game. The one aspect that I find appealing is that you can actually fail in solving any of the cases. I like games that do not simply force their narrative on players (unless it’s a terribly good one!), but leave them some agency. Rare enough in P&C adventures.

That one you either love or hate :slight_smile:.

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I have started to play Chains of Satinav two weeks ago, after I had bought both games during a sale. I haven’t found the time yet to continue the game, but it’s not bad, so far.

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I was prepared for a lot, but I guess I need to work on my imagination

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See, doesn’t it look lovely? :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is either 640 x 400 or 640 x 480 though, certainly not 16:9.

From the YT comments to the first video:

Which version of the game is this? It contains sound effects, music (!) and animated sequences that the game I originally played (and the version GOG has just released) do not feature.

More discussion here:

I don’t see anything off about this compared to my memory my 2-disc CD-ROM version, but of course I hardly remember what the menu looked like.


It took me a while to grasp that the little dragon is in fact, a cursor.


For all you PS4 kids out there…

(It includes Grim Fandango and Broken Age… and Bard’s Tale)
WARNING: not for Win/Mac/Linux!
Nor for C64 or Amiga either.


Bad Dream: Fever


This week Gog has several adventure games on sale (for example Pajama Sam, Unforseen Incidents and Lamplight City):


Monkey Island collection 66% off on Steam:


A tale of two kingdoms at 75% off:

Rainswept at 15% off:


There’s a Humongous bundle on Humble.

I might still pick up the $1 stuff because those aren’t on GOG for some reason.

Some reviews:


I’ve compared the bundle with Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack and it’s the same. The pack contains 35 games on Steam and normally costs 88.66 EUR.

You can now get all the games for about 12.41 EUR. Also don’t forget you are allowed to pay more.


Are you saying these games are all recommended classics?


Of course they are all meant for a younger audience but this didn’t stop me from playing (I also bought this particular Complete Pack about two years ago to own all of them legally).

Sadly only a couple of Pajama Sam games are on GOG.

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Yes, I have those.


Heh, for a moment I thought the lady on those stills was a character from within the games, meaning they’d be interesting for both kids and their dad … :blush:. That really didn’t mesh well with the impression I had of Ron, so I was quite relieved when I noticed my error.

No purchase from me, though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.