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The (adventure) games on sale thread


I had the first for the Amiga and finished it back then, because you didn’t just spend so much money on a game and then not play it. However, I kept my hands off the sequels, so I guess my overall impression wasn’t that favourable. I really liked its graphics. however (and still do).

Not too long ago I’ve played the second part (from an earlier sale on GOG) and actually enjoyed it. Not sure I’ll ever get part 3; I feel I will not get warm with evil Malcom as the playable character.


Then you miss a great experience. :slight_smile: It’s a little bit like playing Ransome.


The complete Book of Unwritten Tales “trilogy” for +/- 5€/$/£


I hate Steam. I really genuinely hate Steam. But bought this anyway.


You can get The Book of Unwritten Tales “Trilogy” DRM free on Gog - but not with a discount at the moment. :slight_smile:


I might consider it one day. (I also hear that in the Elder Scrolls games, Thief/Assassin guild quests are pretty good, but they just wouldn’t fit the characters I’m playing, so I always ignored them. Gotta stick to your principles!)

For some reason, I didn’t really like playing the somewhat naive and goodly Wilbur either, but luckily he’s only one of the protagonists. Decent games, otherwise. (And the DRM free physical edition of BoUT2 came with the Linux version on the disc!)


You decide how Malcolm reacts and if he is good or evil - it’s completely up to you. :slight_smile: But I do understand that a lot of people don’t like the character at all.


Well speaking for Skyrim, the Dark Brortherhood Assasin questline is pretty much super awesome. The Thief Guild Quest has that super tedious overly long City Influence Questline part that is sooooooo annoying…I really think that´s the weakest part of the whole game.


Several Telltale games on Gog (this weekend):


I already own the vast majority. And those I don’t, like Puzzle Agent 1 & 2, I actually have on Humble/Steam.


Unforeseen Incidents -15% on GOG!

PS: I just bought it. :slight_smile:


Momoranda only 2,50 Euros for 24 hours:


Obduction (for 24 hours):


I can remember someone from this forum not liking this much at all.


That would be me.


I remembered that btw, just didn´t want to speak for you. :wink:


Heheh, wondered that.


Do you like Myst?

PS I don’t know if I do. Just wondering. :wink:


Describes the Myst experience perfectly.


Actually I meant I never played it, but sure. :rofl: