UK stamps with videogames

Our beloved @PiecesOfKate twitted this great news from UK:

I wish all of them! :smiley:
I’ll order ASAP.


Is it possible to order/buy them from Europe? :smiley:

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I should certainly hope so for the people in the UK. :wink:

You can select a country in checkout. It seems to be 1.55 for Belgium.

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And of course Sam Dyer was involved creating these.


Awesome! So worthy to collect!

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Pre-order… done!

Two important but for some unknown reason missing stamps:


Not to mention there are Lucas* games missing!


But those aren’t “Made in Britain”.

But yeah, I found the lack of P&C adventures disconcerting. Otherwise, a fairly good selection of great games. Played all but one of those …


Well… :wink:

But, yes, overall some good choices. :slight_smile:

Yes it was only about British developers but it would have been nice if they had included one from Revolution Software. They should make more stamps!

A little game called Grand Theft Auto was also developed in the UK. :wink:

PS If Lemmings were on GOG, I’d buy it. I think I might have it on a diskette…

I remember playing the first two ones. Did they make more after those two?

The one with the goat should be immortalised:


There are 5 chapters. GTA V is spectacular.

But they are different from the first two. :wink:

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They were too “American” for my taste. The only GTA-like game I have played was Mafia, which was great though.