The Eyes of Ara

I just stumbled over The Eyes of Ara:

Has someone played it? The graphics in the trailer are looking very good, especially if one consider that “The Eyes of Ara was developed by one-man indie studio”.

I was a backer for this game and was very pleased with the result. Unfortunately, you have just missed the Haunted Halloween special version (it’s the normal version but the code for the additional pumpkins is only activated for a week when your system clock is around the end of October). If you look at the author’s website (or GOG or Steam?), you can find a free demo version to see if it you like it. Probably, one of the best Kickstarters I have backed.

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The Eyes Of Ara - Haunted Halloween (with All Pumpkins) (TP)

This shows what I collected - consider them ‘specks of dust’. There is a plot that leads you to find out what Ara is and what the eyes do.

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Pushing buttons and levers, “logic” puzzles in an empty world. Looks like something for Myst fans.

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… or fans of 7th Guest. :wink:

I like what I’ve seen and bought it at the current sale. If you keep in mind that it is the work of one person, it looks very good. But let’s see what I’ll say after playing it… :wink:

I don’t remember this game. It’s probable that I saw it reviewed on AdventureGamers but since the website defines it a “Myst-like puzzler”, it’s very possible that I completely ignored it.

Though, an actual reading of the review reveals that the puzzles are not illogical and that there are clues that give to the player a reason to do something instead of just trying random things to see what happens.

It reminds me of “Safecracker”, which is a very good puzzle-focused adventure game. In its case, the puzzles are very logical (except for, maybe, one).

Let us know. If the puzzles are logical I might be interested as well. :slight_smile: