"Reah: Face the Unknown" and "Schizm: Mysterious Journey" (Myst-like)

A day ago GOG released two new old games published by a Polish company called L.K. Avalon:

They are Myst-like type of games and according to reviews they may be hard (unfair hard?) but they don’t look bad at all.

This is the first time I have ever heard of those so I wonder if anyone here knows them already?

Phew, I found Myst and it´s sequels hard enough.

“Wheee, a lever! Let´s pull it!”


“I wonder what that did, let´s travel across four islands to find out if anything has changed!”

At least that´s how I remember those games.

But the graphics look nice on those, I must say. Reminds me of that Luxor game I can´t remember the name of. “Secrets Of Luxor”, maybe? I liked that one. Also never got through with it, though.

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I felt the same way. I know this is sacrilege, but I never care for Myst. I found it boring, slow, and boring. I also found it boring.

A friend of mine loved it. He didn’t even have a computer; I let him play the game on mine and he couldn’t peel himself off the machine. I never got it. Did I mention that it was boring?


Games like Myst 1 and 3 had mostly locally limited puzzles, but Riven with its island-spanning puzzles was really another kind of beast :sweat_smile:

I’m the kind of guy who can just wander around admiring a nice scenery :slight_smile:

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I think that´s the one I played the most. I liked the look of it, but for that very reason never got really that far.

Not far enough to find out that Peter Gabriel is a voice actor in that game! :astonished:

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I’ve completed the game without ever figuring this puzzle out!

Mmmhh, appears that wasn´t in Myst 2 but in Myst 4(I thought it was in Riven). Never played that one. Only got up to Exile.

Me too. Still, it’s not a panorama scene nor a park, it’s a game. I found it boring as a game.