[Community game] "Franklin's friends": guess the games and win the prizes! 🎁

I have a few spare games on my Humble Bundle account, so I’m creating this game to give you a chance to get them. :slight_smile:

Here is how the game works: I show you 22 images of ghosts and ghost-like figures taken from several adventure games and for each of them you tell me IN WHICH GAME or series they appear.


  1. Send to me a SINGLE :arrow_forward: PRIVATE :arrow_backward: message containing all your answers. Multiple messages will be ignored, only the first one counts.

  2. Whoever guesses the highest quantity of games, wins.

  3. In case of a draw, whoever was quicker to send me the answers wins.

  4. Please, DON’T write in this public thread which games you recognize nor write other comments that could help other people.

  5. You have 48 hours to send me your answers (check the date and time of this post).


The winner will get Steam keys for the following games:

  1. The first 3 games of the 5-games-long critically acclaimed “Blackwell” series:
    • The Blackwell Legacy
    • Blackwell Unbound
    • Blackwell Convergence
  2. Samorost 2
  3. Puzzle Agent 2

The winner will need to give an email address to Humble Bundle and they will give him/her a Steam key.

A small advice to win the prizes

In the past, a similar game was won by somebody who submitted just two correct answers. You can win even if you recognize only a few games. Just give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

Who ya gonna call?

Ghost number 1:


Ghost number 2:


Ghost number 3:


Ghost number 4:


Ghost number 5:


Ghost number 6:


Ghost number 7:


Ghost number 8:


Ghost number 9:


Ghost number 10:


Ghost number 11:


Ghost number 12:


Ghost number 13:


Ghost number 14:


Ghost number 15:


Ghost number 16:


Ghost number 17:


Ghost number 18:


Ghost number 19:


Ghost number 20:


Ghost number 21:


Ghost number 22:



Many of these images are taken from the same game: “no idea”.


Great idea! And, it’s not easy! :smiley:
By the way, it would be interesting to get to know the total number of participants. Maybe this game wakes up some silent readers here.

In both cases: Yes! :slight_smile:

I’m sure that I know some (most?) of these games, but at the moment I have no idea (except in one case).

I recognize maybe 4-5 but that´s it.

You don’t know if 4-5 is enough or not.

I recognize 5-6, but that’s it :wink:

Number three is definitely the only one I surely recognize… And you all should!

Should we? Hmm I can’t figure out anything…

I agree #3 is the easiest.

Of course number 3! But it´s not the only such ghost in that game.

Actually, #7 is not difficult either. At least, it’s one of the easiest ones.

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Do you want to submit them?

I recognize only #7. I’m sure I already saw #3 but I can’t really remember where. And probably #15.

So those who say “I only recognize 6 or 7”… stop complaining :stuck_out_tongue: they’re more than enough.

Now I am starting worrying… is #3 in a famous game? An adventurer like me should have played it?

I’m worried too. Not by the fact that I don’t know where I saw it, but by the fact that everyone agrees it’s the easiest one. I’d say #7 is way easier!

EDIT: I remembered :smiley: or, at least I think.

Not only #3. :wink: (I recognize 3-5 games.)


I wonder if those who don´t recognize #3 would recognize the other ghost in that game…


HOLY SHIFT!!! thanks!

Please don´t submit. I hope this hasn´t helped anyone who didn´t know and submits now. But in this case I thought it wasn´t very likely. So I hope @LowLevel excuses this.