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The "I can't sleep" thread


Yesterday I realised how much I missed sunday being the “Help Kate Day”.


Does it have spoilers?

We could, but you’d no doubt fly ahead.

Haha… I missed that too. It was a lot of fun getting help with The Cave and Maniac Mansion (and so much better than an all-or-nothing walkthrough).


No, important hints. It was part of the game like the diary in Indy 3.

Not necessary, because I a) haven’t that much spare time to play and b) I’m old and oblivious. :slight_smile:


Some of the stuff I am procrastinating at the moment:

  • Work on the first Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast™.
  • Attempt a Thimbleweed Park live stream with youtube chat.
  • Work on a concept for a Thimbleweed Park Roleplaying game playable in this forum.
  • Try to capture some VR gameplay.
  • Work on a blogpost to coincide with the end of WWII.
  • Write a few movie reviews on my Letterboxd account



Who will be your guest(s)?


Didn´t have any serious takers so far. Also I need to figure out how to capture skype/hangout calls on my phone in decent quality.

I´ve actually been thinking to start with friday questions, which I probably would have to do today.


Oh damnit, I forgot I also had planned to start to write some movie reviews on my Letterboxd account. So much stuff, what will I get done?! :dizzy_face:


Focus on the TWP stuff. All other things aren’t important… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, one non TwP thing is tied to a date so that will be definitly next week.

I can poll for the demand of the others:

  • TwP Podcast
  • TwP Livestream
  • TwP Roleplaying Game

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A few notes:

  • For the podcast I would collect some friday questions first and hopefully host guests in the future.
  • For the livestream I hope it works out with my internet connection. Also I would love to have as many people in the chat as possible, otherwise I would get bored. Sou you´d have to have a google account to talk to me.
  • The roleplaying game may take some time regardless.


Wouldn’t it be better to create a new thread for this - I’m not if everybody will find the poll here…? :thinking:


Are you kidding? This is the most popular thread ever! :laughing:

Seriously though, I don´t actually see the point why we are able to create polls in replies instead of in new threads only. :man_shrugging:


So far it looks like italians are demanding a podcast? :thinking:


We are a talkative people.


Maybe @PiecesOfKate and @tasse-tee should vote too… :slight_smile:


Of course there is no reason against polling a poll in a post. :slight_smile: I just fear that nobody sees the poll so that no one votes in the end… :slight_smile:

In that case you have to chose the TV show the livestream because you can chat while Milan is streaming…


I doubt they would want to talk to me, though.

I would actually enjoy everyone talking among themselves. But I fear many of you don´t have google/and/or/youtube accounts.


Create a Twitch account. And can’t you “open” the stream/the comments for everybody?


At least me, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken Zak and @tasse-tee have a twitch account, we met there watching a live streaming played by Fabio Bortolotti, the italian translator of TWP (twitch channel kenobisboch).
Personally I created it only for such reason, and have not always the chance to watch them live, as for Fabio’s channel. And it’s why I prefer a podcast, which I can listen to when I have time to do that. Also people involved in the podcast as guests know that in advance (maybe also the topic) and have time to prepare for that.


Anonymous users without an account? Dunno, is that possible?

My PS4 is already connected to youtube, the way it is would make livestreaming super easy for me.


Milan could record the live stream. So everybody could watch it.

On some platforms this is possible. But I don’t know how Youtube handles this. You should have a look in your preferences or the options for your channel. As soon I have the time, I’ll have a look.