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The "I can't sleep" thread


Youtube automatically does that anyway as soon as the stream is over. Other than twitch the chat isn´t preserved, however. Still I wouldn´t want to do this all alone so, I´d rather have a few people in the chat.


Ha! Now the roleplayers are catching up. :slight_smile: Thanks @tasse-tee!


I would be really surprised if anyone else voted for that, though.


I don’t like the sound of my recorded voice. But maybe after hearing a few podcasts I will do it. :slight_smile:

Same here, with the Twitch account. I really enjoyed that, so I’ll be looking forward to Milan’s livestream!

It only takes a few minutes to make one. The most tricky part is thinking of a password that you will remember :wink:

The pronunciation thread

Me neither, but I got used to it. Reaffirming comments from others also helpa. :wink:

Let´s see. Maybe I´ll try that.


I can hear my voice, but don’t like to see me on video (unfortunately I have to do that regularly…). But indeed: The more you hear (and see) yourself the more you feel comfortable with it.


And where can one see that? :thinking:


For example in this thing called the Internet. That’s one reason why I would like to stay anonymous here… :slight_smile:


Why do I keep thinking that you´re an midfamous-famous incognito TV/Internet personality?


Unfortunately not. :slight_smile: But your guess isn’t that bad. :wink:


Well since you don´t seem to work in Hamburg, I probably wouldn´t know you anyway.


:open_mouth: Now you’ve got me intrigued.

Lemme think… hmm… some kind of YouTube personality? One with a reputation as bad as Logan Paul’s? :wink:


Taking a few guesses here:

Guess 1

Guess 2

Guess 3


Wait a minute, I´m on amazon. Aren´t amazon and twitch kind of together, or something?


No, unfortunately I’m not such a person. :slight_smile: I’m not famous and my name isn’t known. But a lot of Germans are stumbling over my work each month without noticing that I’m the one who did that. :slight_smile:

Guess 3 is right! (btw: Who is that guy?)

(Regarding my look, I would describe myself as a mixture of guess 1 and 2…)


Muss man wissen! Das ist Physik! Mondnazis!!!


Thinking of monthly aired things right now…hmmm…


No, wrong way.


It looks like they are. But it just gives instructions for linking both accounts, not using an Amazon account to do Twitch.

You’re just overthinking things, Milan. Here, a nice and easy signup page :wink:


Oh you don´t really know me, yet. That´s nothing!

Done! :slight_smile: