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The "I can't sleep" thread


Do you act in work training videos? Every so often at work we have to review these online modules about work etiquette, conflict of interest rules, etc etc, and there are often scenarios that you are asked questions on. You can look at these scenarios as images and text, or as a video.


However if you are not famous I do not really see the point about hiding the identity. Unless you work with famous people and you don´t want to get bugged for autographs/backstage tickets…etc.



You´re one of the chairs, right?


The left one.


So I just did a teststream on twitch and seems to work fine in general. My only problem was that at one point it said “comments are not displayed cannot connect to server”, but there were also no viewers or commentators so…any idea how to work on that issue?


Just did another test. Everything working fine now! :+1:


At least when I tried it before it managed to work for 5 straight minutes and I had the chance to end it own my own accord. But it seems to depending on the time my connection to the server is so instable that I keep getting cut off after about 30 seconds usually. “Can´t connect to server Broadcast ended”. And that´s it and I have to start over and it keep happening. I´m sorry it´s not gonna work out this way.


Oh well, thanks for trying :slight_smile:


It’s after midnight and I’m having trouble falling asleep. I think its too hot here…


I hate it when that happens :slightly_frowning_face:
Maybe you could open the window for a little bit?


Exactly @milanfahrnholz!
I didn’t check the “I can’t sleep thread” for two weeks and now I missed out on an RPG with @someone and @tasse-tee!


Is there anything outside a flux compensator that can solve your problem?


I dunno… Money?
Or better yet: a shrink wrapped C64 Maniac Mansion! I know Ron has some…
Or even better yet: @tasse-tee 's giggling laugh - that is really priceless.


I only had MM as a crack myself and I also would like to have the laugh of @tasse-tee. I mean not on myself but more like around me…like…every day.


Yeah…no, not helping… try harder.
Oh, and @PiecesOfKate is off flying and you’re already hitting on @tasse-tee, are you? Real smooth, man!


Love the one you’re with. :man_shrugging:


You chaps are shameless😛


But I balance it out with my undeniable charme.


Awwwww, stop it!! :blush:
(actually, don’t)

Now I’ve just imagined you randomly starting to laugh, and sounding like me :joy: