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The "I can't sleep" thread


True confession: I bookmarked that post so I can hear it once in a while. (In a non creepy way. Just to brighten up the day)


Aww! I’m glad it cheers you up!
By the way, chatting with all of you here has been making my days a lot brighter. Thank you all :blush: :two_hearts:


Hurray! :sunny: :heart: :confetti_ball:
It also starts to take up a lot of time (I practically stopped transcribing podcasts and translating Monkey Island) in a mixture of FOMO and enjoying just hanging out virtually in all the off-topic/on-topic topics.


Not gonna link to it now but I posted something very similar a few months back. :relieved:


I still hope that @tasse-tee is part of our German TWP dub project… :wink:


Awwwwww… :blush::two_hearts:


Anxiously waiting for her demo!


Argh, now I’m nervous! :see_no_evil:
Ok ok, demo coming soon…


1 a.m. and I still am awake :neutral_face:
I’ve tried reading a book, nothing.
Any suggestions?


Replay Zak McKracken? Count the doors in one of the pyramids…


Maybe we should collect some (more) useful tips. I’ll start with the most common suggestions:

  • drink a warm milk (with honey)
  • read a book (on real paper)
  • use some boring music (the one used for meditation)

From my own experiences I can suggest the following:

Tell yourself that you don’t have to sleep. You only have to rest and to relax - even if you don’t fall asleep until the morning, your body will refresh. Try to think of good things or experiences.


I´d suggest the mars pyramid since the great pyramid in cairo doesn´t have many doors at all. :wink:


Good luck @ZakPhoenixMcKracken

I’m having the same problem tonight, third night in a row, grr. I thought some exercise would help over the weekend but now my arm muscles are spasming and keeping me awake. So much for that!

Anyone know how I can relax my muscles? Maybe I’m dehydrated.


Many ways. Correct temperature (not too warm, not too cold), a little pressure massage, have a good drink, lots of water and most of all get your arms their own pillows.


Thanks Meela-moo, I’m on it.


Awww, is that cute or what? :blush:

I wish you success and a good night!


I tried and it worked.
Now it’s 5:53 a.m.


That works on me, too. And that’s why I can fall asleep nearly everywhere. (Not sure if that’s a good thing, especially on trains…)


Sorry, I went to bed after my last post yesterday, so I haven’t seen your post in time. But maybe for the future:

This technique is also known as “Jacobson’s (progressive) relaxation”. There are several books with the exercises available. And they are very simple: You just have to tense the muscles of your body for a moment. (In the Wikipedia article the paragraph about the “Training” isn’t quite right: You don’t need a dark room for example - you can do the relaxation technique even in a train.)


You mean a lot, I see. It’s just curiosity or are you a professional?