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The "I can't sleep" thread


The muscle thing? It’s only happened a couple of times so I’m not resorting to that just yet.


Okay, I could ask me cousin (who I may see in two weeks) if it persists.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll (cautiously) Google it too.


By the way I think you’ve caught London-speak.


Aye. I caught the (Freudian?) typo when posted it but decided to let it stay, because it could 'ave been intentional. :guardsman:


You know from the size of that emoji on my phone, I really thought the guardsman was a Zelda triforce for a minute.
:guardsman: :crossed_swords:




Although it was out loud…


What about the cooldown?


Yeah I did that too this time.

Well, I usually do a cool down at the gym but I stretched it out when I got home too.


Hm, weird. Could it be that you’re pushing yourself too hard?


Maybe. I did quite a lot of leg stuff today so will be interesting to see if that makes it better or worse.

It might not even be gym related I suppose. I just Googled ‘achy legs at night’ and got lots of hits for RLS (restless leg syndrome).

Ho hum, we shall see tonight. This is turning into Someone’s desired ‘ailments’ thread :smile:


Hm, alright then. :stuck_out_tongue:




I was wondering, actually…


I think you did not see this one yet?
I am SURE you will like it…


Sorry, yeah! Actually I saw it but forgot to reply. I was going to say there that I was amazed that I recognized Buttercup without being aware that this was actually a tribute. :slight_smile:


Still awake?

Pro tip: Don’t google diseases. :wink: You don’t recognize RLS because it’s happening during the sleep (I don’t know any case where the person noticed the restless legs). If you constantly feel tired the next morning then you should consult a doctor. Same if you can’t sleep over a long(er) period. There is no need to panic if you can’t sleep one or two nights. Then the first thing you should think about is stress: For example if you have stress at work this could lead to sleeping problems and “cramps”.


No! I slept pretty well, hooray. Something made a difference then.

The NHS website and RLS charity website describe quite closely what I was having. They explain how the uncomfortable feeling stops people sleeping and makes them get up and need to stretch. So it is very noticeable.

Either way I don’t really care now since it didn’t happen last night :slightly_smiling_face:


Usually RLS occurs regularly. If you hadn’t problems like that before and if you made sport that day than it would be more likely that it is/was some (slight) form of aching muscles. If you presume that it is RLS you should keep an eye on it. Doctors can help in that case. :slight_smile:

Anyway: We are here at night. The forum never sleeps! :slight_smile: