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The "I can't sleep" thread


Yeah, I’m thinking (hoping) it’s just the gym.



Okay, so what does it mean?



  • Work on the first Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast™.
  • Attempt a Thimbleweed Park live stream with youtube chat.
  • Work on a concept for a Thimbleweed Park Roleplaying game playable in this forum.
  • Try to capture some VR gameplay.
  • Work on a blogpost to coincide with the end of WWII.*
  • Write a few movie reviews on my Letterboxd account

*This has been replaced by a forum thread in the meantime.

Well, seems my work here is done. Time to go back to my home planet! :rocket:


That means: more Oreo and white Twix for us! :yum:


Where have I said that I wouldn´t take all of those with me?



And your Twix betwixt them.


There’s something I must have missed…

Click here to view number of people outside of us who will get that

You are not alone in that!


:rofl: Although it’s pretty self-explanatory, right?


Sure, but it might require to be of a certain age.

Wasn´t that most scenery-chewingly?


What, Shakespearean age? :wink:

Bookmarked for hometime!


Or just remember when I tweeted this on new years eve.


I can’t remember everything!

Though I thought that was at least the second time you used that phrase.


They don´t have anything to do with each other. But I remember you liking that phrase and “writing it down”.


I can’t sleep.

Every time I plan to go to bed early, I have troubles in falling asleep and end up sleeping even later than usual. So there goes my plan to go jogging tomorrow at dawn.


It´s eleven. It´s saturday. Get drunk, your family will forgive you.


The human body “remembers” the regular sleeping time. For example if you always go to bed at midnight then you will have problems to fall asleep at 22 h. Same with waking up times: If you wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning from Monday to Friday, you will also wake up early (around that time) at the weekend. So the only thing you can do is to “train” yourself slowly to get earlier into bed. For example if you used to go to bed at midnight, then go to bed at 23:45 for one week. Then the next week at 23:30 and so on.

The most important thing: Don’t try to fall asleep. If you focus on the fact that you can’t sleep, you won’t fall asleep. Instead tell yourself that you don’t have to sleep and just to rest a little bit. Think about a past vacation or other interesting, positive things (or things that you like post in this forum).

Is that important? Are the weather conditions too bad to jog later (is it too hot in Switzerland too)? And why don’t get up early and then take a nap at noon? The human body is able to catch up lost sleep (to some degree) but you can’t bank sleep in advance.

Beside that: Do what Milan said. :wink:


Reminder: Produce “WWMD” wristbands…:money_mouth_face:



Well, I’m missing something anyway, since saying something like #eatingbountyonthebountyislands isn’t exactly missable. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you get when you put Bruno Mars on a red planet with a candy bar?