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The "I can't sleep" thread


I have to admit I may have been party to a prank like that at camp when I was about 9. I don’t remember anything getting ruined though :man_shrugging:

But the old shaving cream in the hand + tickle feather on the nose is classic.


:ray: You monster!


Gee, you guys. You know it is only a tiny little step from those “harmless pranks” to this:


Is that what happens when I fall asleep?!
No wonder I always wake up feeling like crap.


Oh yeah, that would explain so much for me too! And simultanously open a lot of new questions…


At the end, the boys didn’t confess. We have nothing more than a suspect list, but not the final evidence to point the finger to the culprit.
So, we decided to blame them all, and to divide the expense among all the boys, even the innocent ones.
Surprisingly, there was no reactions. No protests.


Hm. I guess the “innocent” ones may have done something to wind up the other boys before the toothpaste incident happened.

Oh well, at least the matter has come to a close now.


I´ve got no idea why this story keeps bringing my mind back to the same thing.


Yes, even if I am not sure of which verdict…


Btw guys, did you watch the Ace Attorney movie? It was pretty decent, as was the anime.


I didn’t know it was a thing! :open_mouth: Is the plot based on any of the games?


I’ve watched it, it’s based on the first 4 cases of the very first game (Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright).
It’s well made.
So, @tasse-tee you can’t watch the movie yet :blush:


Aw maaaaaaaaan!


Is it this movie?

Can’t you buy it on DVD? At least in Germany I can buy it on DVD and BluRay on Amazon… (@tasse-tee: So if you would like to have it with German subtitles, drop me a note. :wink: )


He means she can´t do it because that would spoil the game for her she has not finished with yet.


Ah, I thought he meant that the film isn’t available on Netflix anymore.


Hold on a sec, that film is almost 3 hours long and opens with the classic Toho logo, no less?

I…cannot…even… :crazy_face:


Yes, except it looked a lot better when I saw it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(And no, it’s not rose-tinted memory. That YT vid looks atrocious.)

How do you mean classic? We watched Shin Gojira last year and I think it still opened with the exact same logo.


Yeah, I think they never changed it. Doesn´t make it less classic though.


Looks like they actually made some minor adjustments:


Yeah that and the colour of course (which you obviously don´t get watching Seven Samurai or the first two Godzilla movies).