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The "I can't sleep" thread


Will you get a bounty as a bounty for that? :thinking:

Doesn’t matter, because there’s:


Wanted Coconut or Alive?


This please but without the mutiny on the Bounty:


Yep. Besides, I’m on vacation, so the whole day was planned out, and I had a long run to do. In the end I woke up too late, made a short run, managed to run again in the evening but it was too hot anyway. I can’t wait til summer is over…


last night I went to bed at 2:30 AM .
A group of creative boys decided to make a joke to the boys of the adjacent rooms, putting some toothpaste and shaving foam on boys legs, arms and face.
A real mess, when they woke up because of their irritated skin, in the middle of the night…


Oh dear… :sweat:


I could easily top that, but that would make me sound real sad.

But then again, it´s really hot so it´s understandable, right?


I can top your -ehrm- topping…


That would make you sound real salad.



How have you solved that? Have you, for example, send the “creative boys” to repair the pizza machine?


The Phoenix Wright inside me has investigated. We are not sure about the culprit. There are three defendants. If we’ll collect enough evidence, they have to pay 30 euros for the bed sheets replacement.


Well, I hope that you reach a suitable verdict in Turnabout Toothpaste!


For sure, and in less than 3 days!


Are you applying the “good cop, bad cop” method?


ahah no no, only the Ace Attorney legal system.


Just separatedly tell each of them that the other two ratted on him and told you he was the only culprit, and that you are inclined to believe them because they’re a majority. :smiling_imp:


Which is what, shouting a lot?


And overdramatic reactions! It’s great! :smile:


Well, I suppose I cannot “get” everything. :man_shrugging: