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The "I can't sleep" thread


And now guess why. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My guess would be that someone took a camera into a movie theater…


Yes it is.
But watching the movie before having played the game is as bad as crossing the streams in Ghostbusters…


So it is good then? I mean have you watched the ending of Ghostbusters? :thinking:


Eheh. Yes I know the ending.
Watching the movie before the game would spoil and some jokes would be obscure.


Conversely if you play the Ghostbusters game before having seen the movie, nothing seems to make any sense. I know what I´m talking about, hehe.


Neither the other way around, as I can attest. That game just didn’t make a lot of sense!


Without the Angry Video Game Nerd I would never have known the that C64 version was actually the easiest version of the game because it ommited the impossible staircase scene and the roof scene both of which were probably later added for conversions to make it more difficult.


:smile: I even never got that far! Best I did was getting killed by Puffy the Marshmallow man


In the C64 version the game ends right after that.


3:30 a.m. I’ve just dreamed a thief entered my house, found me in my bed and killed me.
I’m awake since then :slightly_frowning_face: (it’s 4 a.m. now)


How do you know it was a Thief if all he stole was your life? Or did you see him getting something else?


Not really, just my imagination, since in the dream it forced my front door to enter my apartment.

Hey, what are you doing awake, too, at this time??


I´m just a figment of your insomniac imagination! :ghost:


I try to sleep again now…


Huh…Our version of “Pop! goes the weasel” is verrrrry different…


The live-action movie? Watched it a few times. Didn’t like it an awful lot on first viewing, but it got better after repeat viewings, mostly because I understood better what was going on. (Yes, I played the game and knew the characters and cases, but the movie was confusing at times. And if that’s who I felt, who actually played the game, I can only imagine what non-players thought while watching it.)

I watched only the first couple episodes of the anime. I really should finish it one of these days.


Of course, tonight I’m too excited to sleep.
Any suggestions I can try to fall asleep?


No, because …

If you are too excited, it’s really difficult to fall asleep. You could try to do boring things or read a book. Or just close your eyes and thinks about what will happen in the next hours and days. :slight_smile:


It worked! Until now.
4 a.m. … I should get up at 7
Well… maybe if I sing some songs?